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What a Wonderful Year 2022

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With 2023 Shaping up to be Even Better

All of our promotional buses are parked up for the end of the year and what a year!!!

With our fleet undertaking almost 2,500 booking days throughout 2022 that’s almost the equivariant of 7 years of bookings in one year

Merry Christmas 2022

We started 2022 with COVID lockdowns still in full swing, yet still had 4 promotional training buses on the road across Europe with Edwards Lifesciences, these vehicle were quickly followed by 2 vehicles in the UK undertaking COVID inoculations and then we got even busier.

Throughout the year we have undertaken multiple week bookings from 

Our promotional vehicle management services continue to be utilised by Nuffield Hospitals for their training bus, and added a further client this being Lava Games Development Ltd  

In addition our Coachbuilding side has converted 3 double decker buses in to our new Corporate Class Promotional Buses

Part converted a single decker and modified 6 other vehicles in our fleet for various clients, with the 7th bus entering the workshop earlier this week.

What's New for 2023

As far as our coachbuilding side is concerned a very busy year indeed, with existing bookings for

  • 4 Double Decker Conversions
  • 1 Single Decker Conversions
  • 1 Double Decker Modification/Upgrade
  • 3 Single Decker Modification/Upgrades

We are also in negotiation with several clients for bus conversions and modifications including

  • 1 Full Double Decker Conversion to a Bespoke Exhibition Bus
  • 2 School Library Double Deckers
  • 1 Full Single Decker Bus Conversion to Bespoke Training Bus

Our Promotional Bus Hire Division already has over 1,400 booked days for 6 buses, with 725+ days expected to be confirmed early January. 

With a plethora of early enquiries still going through discussions!

If all of the above isn’t enough we have also developed two new services, that integrate flawlessly in to our vehicle hire services, more on these in the new year, but do involve the use of 3 of our existing fleet  

To feed what we believe will be our best year to date Roadshow Promotions have, during 2022, purchased

  • 9 x Double Decker Buses
  • 1 x 12m Single decker bus
  • 1 x 8.5m Single decker buses

All of which have either been converted or are programmed to be converted and added to the fleet during 2023


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