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Inactive Vehicle

Terrence Higgins Trust Mobile HIV Clinic


Vehicle no longer in active use Vehicle Details Would you like to hire this bus? Click here to get a quote Latest News Relating to RSP10 RSP10 March 11, 2022 No Comments Vehicle no longer in active use Vehicle Details Would you like to hire this bus? Click here to get a quote Read More […]

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RSP09 Static Training Bus All good things must ultimately end and after years of exemplary service, RSP09’s life as a promotional tour bus has come to an end and although the interior is of a useful standard the mechanics of the bus have reached the “end of the line” and the bus has been retired

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Promotional Bus RSP08 or ‘Saul’ is a 11.5m Mk1 Optare Excel Single Decker bus, after a short stint as a service bus, the bus was bought and developed for a charity as a Youth Engagement vehicle. Upon purchasing the vehicle, we decided to keep much of the interior layout as it was, making a few

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RSP07: The Training Bus for IT and Other Skills What is RSP07? RSP07 is a single decker training bus, nicknamed Freddy, that can provide IT training and other skills training to people who may not have easy access to traditional training facilities. RSP07 is one of the most versatile and adaptable training buses from Roadshow

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RSP05 Durham School Nurse Health Bus


RSP05: A Mobile Solution for Healthcare and Education Are you looking for a way to provide healthcare services or training to remote or underserved communities? Do you need a flexible and convenient vehicle that can serve as both a mobile clinic and a mobile training facility? If so, you should consider RSP05, a versatile and

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rsp04 static bus - temporary building alternative


RSP04 a Static Training Facility RSP04 is a double-decker bus that has been converted into a mobile classroom. RSP04 has two floors that can be used separately or together. The lower deck has 12 seats with tables and power sockets, a 42-inch TV screen, a sink unit, and storage space. The upper deck has 16

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RSP03 Hospitality Meeting Bus 1


Static Promotional Bus RSP03 is a Dennis Dominator Northern Counties Palatine bodied Double Decker bus and one of our most popular vehicles with client’s due to its clean simple interior and windowless design allowing for easy simple exterior branding and a massive amount of internal branding. ‘GUMMY’ our nickname for RSP03 has a simple Black

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RSP01 is a Roe Bodied Leyland Olympian Double Decker bus and one of our longest serving converted vehicles, which is still highly popular with client’s due to its innovatively designed interior which includes the provision of up to 12, hidden, Windows 10 workstations situated on the upper saloon. ‘Teddy’ our nickname for RSP01 has an

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