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Van HGV Conversion

What if a bus wasn’t the only way to deliver your educational or health screening campaign
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Van HGV Conversion

Why choose a van HGV conversion for your outreach campaign?

A single decker bus conversion can be a brilliant campaign vehicle. But sometimes it’s not the only branded vehicle that could deliver your campaign objectives. Sometimes a van or HGV conversion could do the job just as well, if not better.

Vans and HGVs have been pressed into service by a wide range of clients. For health clients they’ve been used as health screening vehicles and mobile clinics for eye or dental checks. Charities have used them as community outreach vehicles.

Brands use vans as responsive, fast-moving marketing platforms, an ideal base for handing out freebies and connecting with the public when you need a promotional vehicle that’s nimbler than a bus.

Yet just as with our bus conversions, we’ll make converting your van or HGV simple, stress free and brilliantly successful.

Van HGV Conversion

Flexible outreach space

We’ve converted long wheelbase HGVs to contain long rows of PCs and gaming consoles to connect with young people as part of gaming campaigns or educational outreach programmes. And we’ve converted transit vans to act as the nimble mobile front line of a local authority health awareness campaign.

The beauty of an HGV or van conversion is that you can tailor the size and layout of the vehicle to the scale of your ambitions.

Built for speed

It’s not just the fact that a mobile health check van can access areas a bus may be too big for. It’s the fact that converting a transit van or similar is a smaller and therefor quicker challenge. All of which means your awareness campaign or screening vehicle can hit the road faster.

Help to be eco-friendly

We’re often asked about electric vans. We can offer them, but for campaign and promotional tours, the better option is currently a low emission zone-compliant diesel van, because it will cut emissions to absolute minimum while ensuring you have the power you need for your campaign. Talk to us about the best way to deliver a low-carbon promotional vehicle tour.

Why Choose Roadshow Promotions?

Promotional van conversion from a family team

At every stage of designing and converting your promotional van or HGV, there are critical decisions to get right – decisions that can ensure your van has the facilities, the storage space, the power and the capability to deliver your objectives.

We help you get those big decisions right. Our family firm now has two generations leading the team, so we’ll make it easier to match the right van or HGV to the right awareness or outreach campaign, and then deliver the right results.

Although details can differ for every client and with every van/HGV, depending on your project and the size of the vehicle, your van conversion may include treatment cubicles, workstations, screens, meeting areas, waiting areas and more.

Van HGV Conversion

Vehicle Conversion Cost Calculator

Vehicle Conversion Cost Calculator

If you want to convert a vehicle for your promotional or marketing needs, you need to know the budget required. We have created a vehicle conversion cost estimator that you can use to get an idea of the cost
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Roadshow Promotions Conversion Process

So how does this work?

We promise to make this really, really simple.

1. Get in touch

By contact form, quote form or telephone, tell us what you need. Don’t know what you want and need? Call us for a chat.

2. Explore options

What vehicle? How long? What’s happening on the outside and inside? In just a few minutes, we’ll build a picture of what you need.

3. The estimate

We give you a price for the work discussed. You’ll either sign it off or call us for a chat about doing a little more or less.

4. Sign off

You approve plans for the vehicle and the Van HGV conversion, advise if there is any branding or whether you want the vehicle resprayed

5. Vehicle and conversion

We order or accept delivery of the vehicle and commence the bus conversion process immediately

6. Delivery

The van HGV conversion is completed, we arrange branding or painting and set a date for sign-off collection or delivery by your team

Get started. Call 01253 923800 to explore your options now

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