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“There’s a Bus for That”: Unlocking the Power of Promotional Buses

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"There's a Bus for That”: Unlocking the Power of Promotional Buses

“There’s a Bus for That”. It’s something we say and hear quite a lot. For over two decades our team has been using promotional buses to help organisations big and small make an impact and achieve their goals.

Roadshow Promotion’s fleet of buses offers a versatile and multi-purpose way to serve a wide range of purposes. Whether it’s a single decker or double decker, a short-notice tour or one that’s planned well in advance, whether it’s the modular fleet or completely bespoke, there’s a bus to suit all.

How a Promotional Bus Helps Achieve A Range of Goals

Whether you’re aiming to enhance brand visibility, expand your reach, drive engagement or deliver impactful services, a promotional bus can be the versatile and dynamic solution that supports a wide range of goals.

Our clients use promotional buses to leverage a wide range of organisational goals including:

Unlocking the incredible potential of promotional buses helps companies make a lasting impact, engage target audiences and achieve goals (whatever they are) in a unique and memorable way.

Flexible and Multi-Purposeful

Promotional buses offer flexibility, making them an ideal choice for various initiatives. Whether you’re embarking on a short tour or a long-distance European expedition, there’s a bus (and driver) perfectly suited to your needs.

The modular design allows for customisation of the interior, the upper deck and lower deck as well as the exterior. The screen bus allows showreels and videos to be played to attract and inform audiences.  Whether you’re a healthcare provider looking to bring vital services to under-served communities, a business aiming to launch an innovative campaign or an organisation seeking to train a team of professionals, promotional buses offer the flexibility and versatility you need.

Imagine the impact of a mobile clinic on wheels delivering healthcare directly to those in need. Picture the buzz created by a custom-designed bus showcasing your brand and driving traffic to your cause. Envision the convenience and effectiveness of training your team on a purpose-built, state-of-the-art bus.

RSP16 Edwards LifeSciences Bespoke Bus Conversion
A bespoke training bus for Edwards Lifesciences.

Endless Opportunities

“There’s a Bus for That” showcases the vast array of opportunities that promotional buses present. Need to train a team of surgeons? There’s a bus for that. Planning to deliver welfare and health checks to your nationwide team? There’s a bus for that too. Launching an innovative marketing campaign? You guessed it – there’s a bus for that. Want to take a hotel bedroom on tour? Yes, there’s even a bus for that!

Community Engagement

Promotional buses also play a vital role in bringing health and awareness directly to communities. These wellness buses can serve as mobile clinics, offering medical services, health check-ups, talking therapies, and educational tours to under-served areas. By taking healthcare on the road, organisations can reach individuals who may face barriers to accessing traditional healthcare facilities.

“There’s a Bus for That”

“There’s a Bus for That” highlights the incredible potential of promotional buses as versatile and powerful marketing, branding and educational tools for organisations. The range of options available, from single decker to double decker, short distance tours to European tours, a few days or for a year long, modular to bespoke designs, we ensure that there is a bus perfectly tailored to suit any company’s needs.

A Roadshow Promotions double-decker screen bus.
A double-decker promotional bus for Verbier Ski Resort. Photo Courtesy of Lucia Harrison.

If you want to train surgeons, deliver welfare checks, launch a campaign, or bring health to communities, promotional buses offer a unique and impactful platform. So, if you’re looking to make a memorable impression and engage with your target audience in a dynamic way, consider hopping on board the promotional bus.

We believe there’s a bus waiting to bring your vision to life. Share your goals with us – we may just be the catalyst that helps your organisation achieve its goals.

And if you’re not quite sure what you need, or how to make it happen, just ask. Call  01253 923800  or have a look at our bus tour cost calculator.


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