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Training Bus Hire

Roadshow's Mobile Classroom Vehicle Hire Services - Educational Bus Hire with Training Vehicles for Hire

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Mobile Classroom Bus Hire

Need to inform and educate staff about your latest product, service or business initiative? Take your training on the road with mobile learning bus hire from Roadshow Promotions.

For any multi-site business, training your people can be expensive and disruptive. But there is an alternative to moving people around to where the training is taking place. Training buses take your training to your people, enabling you to reach more members of the team, simply.

Tailored to suit your training needs, a training campaign bus means you can carry out training without needing to source dedicated training space, without needing to arrange and pay for staff travel and subsistence, and without taking staff away from their work for any longer than is absolutely necessary.

Talk to us about arranging your training bus tour programme, and then let our drivers take your mobile training suite from location to location. All they’ll need when they get there is space on the car park and access to a 13amp/16amp electrical socket.

Promotional Bus Tour Cost Calculator

Promotional Bus Tour Cost Calculator

If you are planning a roadshow campaign for your business, you might be wondering how much it will cost to hire a vehicle, staff, and extras for your tour. Fortunately, here is a tool that can help you estimate the cost of your roadshow in minutes

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Training Vehicle Hire

Which training bus?

Our single and double decker training buses enable you to train up to two groups at the same time. Our largest vehicles offer 450 sq ft of training space and have capacity for up to 30 trainees. Our smallest IT training vehicle can accommodate two groups of eight.

Usually our clients request mobile training buses, but we can offer Static Class buses when you need medium to long-term training space at a single site.

RSP04 Upper Saloon conversion
Mobile classroom bus, or branded training bus there are several names for these mobile training vehicles, whatever these mobile learning vehicles are called they all performing a similar function to provide a vehicle to train or enlighten clients, staff or users about a particular software package, product, marketing, service or concept on the high street or in works/supermarket car parks.
Go Higher West Yorkshire Mobile Classroom Bus 3
For clients who want to move the training space between branches or other locations, we offer a range of training vehicles that provide a more mobile service, with our drivers moving the training vehicle every day, week, month between locations. All our vehicles have a number of features built in to them which offer trainers a variety of training options.
NFU Mutual Training Bus
Both our single and double decker training buses provide options to undertake two distinct training groups at the same time, each vehicle providing both group presentation and computer/desk based training areas, with our largest training bus having the ability to accommodate 30 trainees, split between both decks. Our smallest IT Training vehicle can accommodate two groups of 8 trainees

Training Bus Hire

Tailor the training

Our choice of training buses for hire gives you a range of layout options, and you can further tailor these to include the training equipment and materials you need to deliver a successful session. So whether your training is IT, practical or discussion-based, we’ll add the screens, workstations and whiteboards you need. And with up to 100 sq metres of exterior branding space, you’ll be able to capitalise on the promotional power of your training vehicle too.

What will your training campaign vehicle hire include?

Networked PCs (with remote monitoring if required), mobile broadband internet, a range of audio-visual equipment including smart TVs, DVD players and speakers: your training bus can have any or all of the above.

We can also modify the interior to suit your requirements, from a simple seating colour change to an entire bespoke interior. Find out more about our bus interior modifications.


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Why Choose Roadshow Promotions?

Help every step of the way from a family business

We’ve been helping business train their people more effectively for years, so we know what works. When you need help planning your training bus campaign, talk to us.

What will your training campaign vehicle hire include?

Networked PCs (with remote monitoring if required), mobile broadband internet, a range of audio-visual equipment including smart TVs, DVD players and speakers: your training bus can have any or all of the above.

Roadshow Promotions Process

So how does Business to Business Campaign Vehicle Hire Work?

We promise to make this really, really simple.

1. Get in touch

By contact form, quote form or telephone, tell us what you need. Don’t know what you want and need? Call us for a chat.

2. Explore options

What vehicle? How long? What’s happening on the outside and inside? In just a few minutes, we’ll build a picture of what you need.

3. The estimate

We give you a price for the work discussed. You’ll either sign it off or call us for a chat about doing a little more or less.

4. Sign off

You approve the conversion, the branding and, if this is a full promotional marketing tour, the route plan.

5. Branding and conversion

We send a template of your chosen bus to pass to your marketing team so the design is always on brand.

6. Delivery

We prepare the vehicle, appoint a driver and dispatch the vehicle to arrive at your first destination. Our driver will be with you soon...

Get started. Call 01253 923800 to explore your options now

Would you like to hire a Training Bus?

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Current & Previous Projects

Training Bus Projects

Roadshow Promotions have undertaken many Training Campaign related projects since its conception.

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