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Health & Welfare Promotions & Campaigns? Take the Show on the Road

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Health & Welfare Promotions & Campaigns? Take the Show on the Road

Health screening, community education, staff welfare, vaccination programmes and awareness: from blood pressure checks to medical device training, there’s a promotional bus for that…

For any health-related campaign, the challenge is always the same: how do you make it connect? How do you reach the health staff, patients, workers or members of the public who stand to benefit from what you have to offer, if only they realise you’re there?

That’s the huge benefit of a promotional bus health campaign. With a custom designed health screening/awareness bus, you can take your campaign to the people who really need to see it.

The length and breadth of the UK, that’s what Roadshow Promotions has been doing for NHS, local authority and private sector clients. As a showcase of the possibilities, here’s what our some of our health campaign buses have been up to…

Mobile health clinics

Richmond and Wandsworth Council asked us to develop a general purpose healthcare bus which community health workers and a resident pharmacist have been able to take across their area. The team have used the community clinic bus (which they called Norman) to bring mental health support, smoking cessation, flu vaccinations and more to housing estates and supermarket car parks across their patch, so more people can access health services easily.

Richmond Mobile Clinic
One of our single-decker promotional buses on tour for Richmond and Wandsworth Council, providing residents quick and convenient access to health advice

Health promotion buses

A promotional bus can be a powerful tool for organisations that operate from multiple sites. Take construction firm McLaughlin & Harvey, for example, who asked us to create a bespoke touring welfare bus that could travel between its major UK construction sites, offering staff a range of health screening and advice services. Blood sugar, BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure screening and more were delivered by a team of nurse practitioners operating from a bus converted to include consultation areas and even a massage area. It was a powerful way of removing barriers to healthcare, and the full vehicle wrap ensured everyone along the route could see the example McLaughlin & Harvey was setting.

RSP19 McLoughlin & Harvey Health Safety Wellbeing Roadshow Branding
The bespoke double-decker touring welfare bus we created for leading construction firm McLaughlin & Harvey's "You Matter" staff health and wellbeing initiative

Medical training buses

Many health facilities are short of space. When a new training need is identified, it’s often difficult to find an appropriate area to deliver it. That was the challenge for Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust, who used one of our static buses to create a mobile training suite fully kitted with power, network connections and laptops to deliver training on new clinical systems, patient pathways, referral processes and more.

Medical device promotion buses

When Johnson & Johnson Ethicon wanted to put its latest devices in the hands of surgeons, they chose our Corporate Class buses for a tour of UK hospitals that made it much easier to engage with a greater number of clinicians.

Staff welfare buses

A remote team still needs to eat, drink and have access to rest areas, changing rooms or first aid facilities. Blackwell Earthmoving asked us to repurpose a fleet of single and double deckers to operate as site welfare buses for their major earthworks projects, so their teams had a warm, dry base to escape to when conditions were at their worst.

Which bus?

Will it be our single decker mobile clinic bus, pre-fitted with two consultation rooms? Our modular promotional buses, with quick change branding that make clever use of tight budgets? Or our bespoke corporate class buses that give you complete creative freedom over your campaign? Talk to us about finding the right option for you.

How much does a heath bus conversion cost?

Single decker? Double decker? A static bus or a tourer? For an initial idea of costs, use our bus conversion calculator.

How much does a mobile health campaign cost?

How much will it cost to take your promotional health bus on tour? For an estimate, use our promotional bus hire cost calculator

How do I plan a mobile clinic tour?

Find our step-by-step guide here, then, to tailor your health bus to your campaign, talk to us

Our Cost Calculators

Promotional Bus Tour Cost Calculator

If you are planning a roadshow campaign for your business, you might be wondering how much it will cost to hire a vehicle, staff, and extras for your tour. Fortunately, here is a tool that can help you estimate the cost of your roadshow in minutes

Vehicle Conversion Cost Calculator

If you want to convert a vehicle for your promotional or marketing needs, you need to know the budget required. We have created a vehicle conversion cost estimator that you can use to get an idea of the cost

Would you like to hire one of our promotional buses?

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