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Exterior Vinyl Branding

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Bus Exterior Vinyl Branding Overview

Bus exterior vinyl branding or wrapping is an eye-catching and effective way to market your business. Branding your promotional bus turns it into a mobile billboard, advertising your product, company, or service whilst the bus travels to or is stationary at your chosen destinations.

Every bus we have provided for a promotional event has had some form of bus exterior branding applied, whether it be a full bus wrap or simple text and logos.

Before deciding on whether or how much to brand we recommend you review our blogs on the subject links to these blogs can be found near the bottom of the page.

Exterior Vinyl Branding Options

Our fitters have years of experience in applying graphics to buses and we pride ourselves on being the best.

There are several levels of bus exterior vinyl branding that can be applied to the exterior of our single and double decker promotional buses. 

To help make an informed choice for which level of branding would suit your needs review both our modular reusable, branding or our vinyl branding options below and talk to one of our experienced staff on 01253 923800 

RSP05 Pfizer Health Check Tour Full Wrap

Full Wrap Solid Vinyl

A full bus external vinyl branding wrap of a single or double decker bus provides maximum exposure and create a lasting impact as it travels the highways and byways or is stationary at your chosen destination.

A full solid vinyl, vinyl wrap is ideal if you are wanting large amounts of internal branding as it covers the whole of the bus exterior with solid vinyl, excluding the roof and windows required by the driver and is by far the most popular level of branding we apply to promotional buses

Full Wrap Conta-Vision

As with the Full Wrap Solid Vinyl option above. A full wrap of a single or double decker bus provides maximum exposure and create a lasting impact as it travels the highways and byways or is stationary at your chosen destination.
The major difference with the 2 options is the use of a special vinyl, often referred to as Contra-Vision partially or fully covering the windows (see red circles in the image). When Contra-Vision is applied over the windows if you look closely, you will see a slight difference between the solid vinyl and contra-vision vinyl, but otherwise it looks like a full solid wrap.
However, from the inside, where the contra-vision has been applied it looks as if the window hasn’t been vinyled and internal visitors can see out and much more daylight can enter the vehicle

Partial Wrap

As the title suggests only part of the bus is covered by exterior vinyl branding, how much of the exterior is covered and what that looks like is down to you and your designers.

We have applied a wide range or partial vinyl branding, ranging from traditional banner graphics down both sides of the bus between upper and lower deck windows on deckers or below the windows on single deckers, to large overlay graphics that cover large areas of the vehicle body whist displaying the bus paintwork.

As with the Full Wrap options, we can incorporate Conta-Vision vinyl over part or selected windows that are covered with vinyl

Decals & Text Graphics

Although technically still a partial wrap the limited use of logo or other decals plus text, either banner printed or cut lettering, can provide an effective message to your expected audience and at the same time keep costs down to the minimum. 

Although not a popular choice when it comes to single decker buses it can be the best choice where budgets are tight.

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