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Promotional Vehicle Management

Promotional Bus Management Services

Cost Effective Option for Vehicle Owners

Roadshow Promotions provide Promotional Vehicle Management services to companies, individuals or agents that wish to own and operate their own promotional bus, coach, van or trailer.

Owning your own promotional vehicle for long-term usage may look like a financially sound call, however unlike normal car or van ownership there are distinct long-term issues with owning a promotional vehicle which are difficult to budget for, Drivers and relief Drivers, off tour parking, general maintenance and the main issue being the time involved.

Promotional vehicles take up a lot of time and require specialist knowledge, make life easier and give us a call now on 01253 923800 and start saving time and potentially money

Vehicle Management Features

Roadshow Promotions provide a number of standard vehicle management services.

Our promotional bus management package comes with many, if not all the following features:

For more information on our vehicle management, driver, parking, maintenance or other services, please contact us using our Enquiry form. Alternatively telephone 01253 923800 one of our experienced team will be happy to assist.

We are aware that many of our clients have never undertaken the daunting task of managing a promotional vehicle tour and have many questions relating to the whole process.

Our Project Management team will help and advise you through the whole process, from selecting the right locations to the number of staff required and can provide ideas based upon your budgets.

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