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Runway Training: A Promotional Bus Project

Runway Training

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Runway Training: A Promotional Bus Project

Runway Training is a specialist provider of online Functional Skills and Leadership & Management training in the UK. They offer a range of courses and qualifications for learners and employers, such as Apprenticeships, Traineeships, Construction and Security Training, Redundancy Rescue, Teaching & Assessing Qualifications, Professional Development Courses, Distance Learning Courses, E-Learning Courses, and more. They also have a project called Multiply, which is a programme designed to help young people improve their maths skills and confidence.

To reach more potential learners and employers, especially in rural areas where access to skills and education is limited, Runway Training has hired RSP09 a promotional bus from Roadshow Promotions. The promotional bus project aims to raise awareness of Runway Training’s services and courses, as well as to provide information, advice, and guidance to anyone interested in improving their skills and qualifications.

The Promotional Bus

The promotional bus that Runway Training has hired is RSP09 a single decker bus that has been converted into a mobile classroom and exhibition space.

The promotional bus is staffed by a team of Runway Training’s tutors and advisers, who are trained and experienced in delivering online and onsite training. They are able to provide personalised support and guidance to visitors on the bus, as well as to demonstrate the online learning platform and e-learning courses that Runway Training offers. They are also able to enrol visitors onto their courses and qualifications on the spot, or to arrange follow-up appointments if needed.

The Promotional Bus Tour

The promotional bus project is designed to be ongoing from May 2022 with prearranged tours happening throughout each year as demand develops. The locations have been chosen based on the following criteria:

  • The level of demand for skills and education in the area.
  • The availability of suitable parking spaces for the bus.
  • The proximity to local schools, colleges, employers and community groups.

The promotional bus is open to anyone who wants to visit, whether they are looking for a course or qualification themselves, or for someone else. The bus also invites local stakeholders such as schools, colleges, employers, and community groups to book sessions on the bus for their students, staff or members.

The promotional bus project is advertised through various channels such as social media, local press, radio and flyers.


The promotional bus project is an innovative and effective way for Runway Training to market their business in the UK. It allows them to showcase their services and courses in a mobile exhibition space that is engaging, interactive and accessible. It also allows them to connect with their target market in a direct and personal way.

By hiring a promotional bus from Roadshow Promotions, Runway Training is able to achieve their marketing goals and objectives in a cost-effective and professional manner.



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Key Dates

Booked Date: March 3, 2022
Start Date: May 2, 2022
End Date: December 21, 2024



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