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Meet RSP15: The Amazing Single-Decker Bus That Can Do It All

RSP15 is part of our Corporate Class bus range, a new and innovative way to create promotional exhibition buses that are tailored to your needs and budget. She is one of three single-deckers and six double-deckers that will ultimately make up our Corporate Class bus range.

From BBC to MedTech: RSP15’s Fascinating History

Lisa, the buses nickname, has a fascinating history. She used to be an outside broadcast unit for the BBC, covering some of the most important events in the world. Then we bought her and turned her into a MedTech Training Vehicle for Edwards LifeSciences, a leading medical company. She travelled across Europe for two years during the covid pandemic, teaching surgeons how to use life-saving equipment.

A Makeover for Lisa: How We Made Her a Modular Bus

But Lisa’s journey didn’t end there. We decided to give her a makeover and make her a modular bus that can be easily adapted for different clients and purposes. We named her Lisa, after one of our team members who loves to travel and learn new things. We stripped out the bespoke elements of the bus and redeveloped the interior into our bespoke modular system.

Lisa’s Features: What Makes Her a Versatile and Flexible Bus

RSP15 can be fitted with a wide range of modules that can suit various promotional events. Some of the possible modules are:

  • Tables and worktops for displaying products or providing information
  • Bench seats and cupboards for seating and storage
  • Walls and TVs for creating partitions and showing videos
  • Branding panels and logos for making her look like your own
  • Meeting rooms and consultation rooms for private discussions or health checks

RSP15 can also be divided into up to two separate rooms for different purposes. She has an integral and adaptable internal branding system, along with an integral bespoke module/fixture attachment system.

Lisa’s Sustainability: How We Made Her a “Greener” Bus

RSP15 is also one of our “greener” buses, with a low emission engine and a self-charging battery system. She also has solar panels on her roof that can generate up to 1kW of electricity per hour from sunlight. All the equipment on board is low wattage, with LED lighting and electrical sockets that are standard and USB-enabled. She has a considerably reduced carbon footprint compared to some of our earlier vehicles.

Lisa’s Hospitality: How We Made Her a Comfortable Bus

Lisa has a hospitality kitchen that can provide hot and cold drinks from a water urn, fridge and microwave. She also has a diesel heater and an air conditioner to keep you comfortable. However, the air conditioner needs external power to work for long periods. She has leather covered, cushioned bench seating to the rear meeting room, some of the seating with storage under.

Lisa’s Suitability: How We Made Her a Bus for All Occasions

Lisa is suitable for a wide range of uses, such as exhibitions, marketing, engagement, hospitality, promotional, training and health campaigns. She can be quickly reconfigured to meet your requirements and expectations. She has been designed to fit within our promotional bus hire fleet and at the same time provide the maximum amount of usable space.

Hire Lisa Today: How We Can Help You Plan Your Next Promotional Event

If you want to hire Lisa or any of our other Corporate Class buses, please contact us for a quote or more information. We would love to hear from you and help you plan your next promotional event. We have over 30 years of experience in providing promotional vehicle solutions for various clients and sectors.

Vehicle Details

Nickname: Lisa
Active: Yes
Reg No: MF52DZP
Class: Corporate
Type: Single Decker

Bus Availability

Prep Work
End Tour Clean

RSP15: Feature List

  • Built-in Generator
  • Invertor
  • Solar Panels
  • Electrical Sockets
  • LED Lighting
  • TV’s & DVD Player
  • Smart TV’s
  • Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi
  • Kitchen Area (Sink and Water Tanks)
  • Microwave
  • Fridge/Chiller
  • Hot Water Urn (Kettle)
  • Non Slip Floor Covering
  • Disabled Access (limited)
  • Storage Cupboards
  • Internal Branding Areas
  • External Branding Available
  • Awning over Entrance
  • External Facing TV

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