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How RSP06 Can Improve Your Health Care Services

What is RSP06?

RSP06 or Norman as it is affectionately known as, is a single decker mobile clinic class health bus that can provide a variety of health care services to people who may not have easy access to traditional health facilities. RSP06 is one of our most popular mobile clinics.

RSP06 is designed to undertake a number of different health tour types, such as health checks, screening tests, awareness campaigns, or consultations. It can offer services such as exams, immunisations, blood collection, or any medical procedures that can be performed on the go. It can also be equipped with the latest technology and built to last.

RSP06 has a modern and spacious interior that can accommodate up to 6 people at a time. It has two consultation rooms, a waiting area with seating and TV screens, a kitchenette with fridge and microwave, and a wheelchair ramp for easy access. RSP06 also has Wi-Fi, and generator power.

RSP06 can be customised to suit your branding and service requirements. You can choose from different exterior colours and graphics, interior layouts and furniture, equipment and technology options, and staff uniforms and badges. You can also hire RSP06 for short-term or long-term projects, depending on your needs.

Why Choose RSP06 for Your Health Care Services in the UK?

Choosing RSP06 for your health care services can bring many benefits. Here are some of them:

You can reach out to more people in need of health care, especially those who live in remote or underserved areas, or those who face barriers such as transportation, language, or culture. Mobile health clinics are mobile units that provide health care services to people who have limited access to care or face other barriers.

They offer benefits such as enhancing service accessibility, promoting value-based wellness, driving better outcomes, lowering costs for patients and providers. Mobile health clinics can help address some of the challenges faced by the NHS, such as increasing demand for services, ageing population, workforce shortages, and funding pressures.

Mobile health clinics can also help reduce health inequalities in the UK by reaching out to vulnerable groups such as ethnic minorities, homeless people, migrants, refugees, travellers, or people with mental health problems.

You can deliver quality care at a lower cost, as mobile clinics are more affordable and efficient than traditional health facilities. Mobile health clinics save patients money by helping them avoid expensive emergency room visits.

Estimates show that each mobile clinic results in an average of 600 fewer emergency room visits each year. This translates to an average savings of one-fifth of the cost of care. Moreover, mobile clinics provide cost-effective prevention services that reduce the amount of care an individual needs over their lifetime. Mobile clinics can help people detect and manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, or asthma. A healthcare bus can also help save money for the NHS by reducing hospital admissions and referrals.

You can raise awareness about important health issues and educate people about healthy behaviours and lifestyles. Health buses can also promote social inclusion and community engagement by building trust and rapport with the people they serve. Mobile clinics can also help raise awareness about important health issues such as cancer screening, cardiovascular disease, or COVID-19 vaccination. Mobile clinics can also educate people about healthy behaviours and lifestyles such as smoking cessation, physical activity, or nutrition.

How to Book RSP06 for Your Health Care Services in the UK?

If you are interested in booking RSP06 for your health care services, you can contact us via our contact form, telephone or zoom appointment booking system.

We will provide you with a free quote and consultation to discuss your project details and objectives. If needed will also help you plan your route, schedule, and logistics to ensure a smooth and successful operation.

Booking RSP06 from Roadshow Promotions is a smart and effective way to transform your health care services. You can make a difference in your community’s health by providing accessible, affordable, and quality care to more people. Whether you are a public sector organisation, a charity group, or a private company, you can benefit from the advantages of RSP06 mobile clinic.

Vehicle Details

Nickname: Norman
Active: Yes
Reg No: N754OYR
Class: Standard
Type: Single Decker

Bus Availability

Prep Work
End Tour Clean
01 July 2024Booked for Tour
02 July 2024Booked for Tour
03 July 2024Booked for Tour
04 July 2024Booked for Tour
05 July 2024Booked for Tour
06 July 2024Booked for Tour
07 July 2024Booked for Tour
08 July 2024Booked for Tour
09 July 2024Booked for Tour
10 July 2024Booked for Tour
11 July 2024Booked for Tour
12 July 2024Booked for Tour
13 July 2024Booked for Tour
14 July 2024Booked for Tour
15 July 2024Booked for Tour
16 July 2024Booked for Tour
17 July 2024Booked for Tour
18 July 2024Booked for Tour
19 July 2024Booked for Tour
20 July 2024Booked for Tour
21 July 2024Booked for Tour
22 July 2024Booked for Tour
23 July 2024Booked for Tour
24 July 2024Booked for Tour
25 July 2024Booked for Tour
26 July 2024Booked for Tour
27 July 2024Booked for Tour
28 July 2024Booked for Tour
29 July 2024Booked for Tour
30 July 2024Booked for Tour
31 July 2024Booked for Tour

RSP06: Feature List

  • Built-in Generator
  • Electrical Sockets
  • LED Lighting
  • TV’s & DVD Player
  • Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi
  • Laptop Enabled (Optional)
  • Kitchen Area (Sink and Water Tanks)
  • Microwave
  • Fridge/Chiller
  • Hot Water Urn (Kettle)
  • Non Slip Floor Covering
  • Disabled Access (limited)
  • Fixed Worktops and/or Table
  • Drop Worktops
  • Storage Cupboards
  • Internal Branding Areas
  • External Branding Available
  • Awning over Entrance
  • External Facing TV
  • 2 x Consultation Room

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