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RSP04 a Static Training Facility

RSP04 is a double-decker bus that has been converted into a mobile classroom. RSP04 has two floors that can be used separately or together. The lower deck has 12 seats with tables and power sockets, a 42-inch TV screen, a sink unit, and storage space.

The upper deck has 16 seats with tables and power sockets, two 42-inch TV screens, two sink units, and storage space. The bus is also equipped with optional Wi-Fi, air conditioning, heating, lighting, CCTV cameras, generator, and external branding.

Bertha, is one of several buses listed under our Static Bus Class of vehicles

How to Use RSP04 as a Static Training Facility

Are you looking for a temporary or permanent solution for your training needs? Whether you are a corporate or NHS organisation, you might face some challenges when it comes to finding a suitable training facility. You might need a space that is flexible, mobile, available, and affordable.

If you are looking for a training facility that meets all these criteria, you might want to consider using a static bus. A static bus is a bus, much like RSP04, that is converted into a fully equipped training facility that can accommodate various types of training sessions. A static bus can offer you many benefits, such as comfort, hygiene, customisation, and mobility.

One of the best examples of a static bus for training purposes is RSP04, an MCW double-decker bus that has been converted into a mobile classroom. RSP04, affectionately known as Bertha, has been used by many clients as both a mobile and static promotional bus, clients coming from many different sectors, including corporate and NHS organisations, to deliver various types of training sessions.

RSP04 is now used exclusively as a static training facility for many purposes, such as:

  • Corporate training: You can use Bertha to provide your employees with professional development, skills enhancement, team building, or induction courses. You can also use RSP04 to showcase your products or services to potential customers or partners, recruitment or even overflow offices.

  • NHS training: You can use RSP04 to deliver IT training, or patient care training to your staff or patients. You can also use Bertha to raise awareness or promote health campaigns to the public.

A converted promotional bus, such as Bertha, is a type of portable building that is converted from a bus or a coach into a functional and customisable space. static buses can be adapted to suit your specific needs and preferences. They can also be decorated with logos, graphics, or full wraps to attract attention and convey a message.

Unlike other temporary buildings, static buses, like RSP04, can easily be moved around to different locations or events. They can be used as a long-term temporary building solution that stays in one place for as long as you need them, or quickly moved to the next location.

Using RSP04 as a static training facility is an innovative and effective way to meet your training needs. Whether you are looking for corporate or NHS training solutions, We can help you turn your vision into reality. 

For an overview of buses being used for temporary building hire check out our blog How Static Buses are Ideal Temporary Building Solutions.

Contact us today and discover how we can help you create your own static classroom on wheels.

Vehicle Details

Nickname: Bertha
Active: Yes
Reg No: A684UOE
Class: Standard
Type: Double Decker

Bus Availability

Prep Work
End Tour Clean

RSP04: Feature List

  • Built-in Generator
  • Electrical Sockets
  • LED Lighting
  • TV’s & DVD Player
  • Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi
  • Laptop Enabled (Optional)
  • Kitchen Area (Sink and Water Tanks)
  • Microwave
  • Fridge/Chiller
  • Hot Water Urn (Kettle)
  • Non Slip Floor Covering
  • Disabled Access (limited)
  • Leather Bench Seats
  • Fixed Worktops and/or Table
  • Drop Worktops
  • Storage Cupboards
  • Internal Branding Areas
  • External Branding Available
  • Awning over Entrance
  • 1 x Consultation Room

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