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Roadshow Purchases 2 Converted Buses

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Digital Screen Bus & Hospitality Bus Join Fleet

After Lengthy Negotiations Roadshow Promotions Purchase 2 Double Decker Buses to Add to Their Ever Growing Fleet

RSP23 Digital Screen Bus exterior

After lengthy negotiations with BrandCruiser  of Scotland Roadshow Promotions purchased 2 double deckers buses to add to their growing fleet of Promotional buses.

The buses now designated RSP22 and RSP23 arrived at our depot yesterday, after driving during the hottest day in recorded history.

Both buses are currently parked in our Blackpool Depot awaiting slight modifications to their interiors to bring them in line with the companies latest build practices.

RSP23 is the jewel in the crown, being a multifunctional bus, with the main emphasis being on its external 8msq digital screen, which can display live, recorded or satellite feeds, add the lower saloon Bar/Kitchen/Sampling area with external hatch add to that the open plan upper saloon and you can instantly see the potential of this promotional bus.

RSP22 like RSP23 is a Volvo BL7TL Wright Gemini Promotional double decker bus, this particular bus has a more traditional interior layout with hospitality features to the upper saloon and group training or presentation features to the lower.

According to Natasha Greenley MD, both buses will undergo minor refurbishment to their interiors and electrical systems before becoming available for general hire in October 2022, when asked why the purchase, when Roadshow already had 4 new buses under construction, she replied “The buses came as a package, both fit within our promotional bus product range, however RSP23 with its digital screen allows us to diversify into a different subset of promotional vehicle, without leaving our comfort zone.

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