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On the Road With Roadshow Promotions – Winter 2023/24 Review

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Roadshow Promotions Winter 2023/24 Review

What could a promotional bus do for your brand? In our latest review, we showcase how the British Heart Foundation, Faster Britain, Edwards Lifesciences and more are putting our buses to work…

A short Christmas stopover for our buses

The end of 2023 saw our buses (and their drivers) able to take a well-earned break and it was an opportunity to reflect on an extremely successful year of growth.

The Roadshow Family grew with the addition of complementary businesses Roadshow SecurityRoadshow Statics, and Roadshow Media . Our fleet of vehicles grew, with the addition of an entirely new range of modular buses that help our clients get campaigns on the road quicker. And we worked with a growing portfolio of major brands and clients, for whom our buses clocked thousands of miles of attention-grabbing promotional power.

None of that would have been possible without our enormously hardworking team and partners, and you can find more about them here.

Connecting Britain

If your campaign is all about faster broadband and improved connectivity across the UK, it makes a lot of sense to make your campaign (literally) fast moving too.

Faster Britain, the UK’s leading business fibre network, is at the forefront of delivering gigabit-capable connectivity and is playing a crucial role in helping the UK government achieve its 2030 target of 100% capability.

We are delighted to be supporting a UK-wide engagement campaign. The 12-month tour, using one of our branded double-decker buses, started in Warrington, before moving on to the rest of the North West and then the rest of the UK. While the outside of the bus will make Faster Britain’s message clear on every road we travel, inside there are lots more ways to engage the business community, including training, demonstration and hospitality areas.

“We are delighted with the impact the bus has already had in engaging businesses since launch”
Christina Gatcliffe
Marketing Manager
A corporate class Roadshow promotional bus promoting Faster Britain's campaign.
The Faster Britain bus is now on its tour of the UK, shown here in Southport.

Taking Ireland's pulse

We’re delighted to have been commissioned by the British Heart Foundation who will be taking our double decker screen bus to Ireland for a community engagement and fundraising campaign.

We’ll share more on this later in the year.

4x the promotional power for Multiply

We’re delighted to be continuing to support Runway Training’s Multiply tour, a government initiative that’s helping adults develop their numeracy skills.

And it seems that the Runway Multiply tours using our educational buses during 2023 had a big impact not just on adult numeracy but on local authorities across the UK. This year, we’ll be working with more councils and taking Multiply to more areas of the country.

A photo of Roadshow's modular double decker bus advertising the multiply tour.
One of our modular double-decker buses on Runway Training's Multiply educational campaign tour.

Norman keeps rolling

A few months ago we shared the story of Richmond and Wandsworth Council and the single decker promotional bus (nicknamed Norman) that’s been helping local residents access health advice. With a resident pharmacist, as well as community and wellbeing professionals plus plenty of resources for advice and self-referrals, it was a popular resource for the community.

So we’re delighted to say that, following an extension of the tour by the council, Norman will be back for 2024!

Richmond Mobile Clinic
From L:R Uroosa Binepal, (Richmond & Wandsworth Council) Grace Meikle (Thinking Works Outreach Office), Mukesh Shah (Pharmacist).

Formation sans frontières

That’s ‘training without frontiers’ in case you were wondering, and it neatly sums up our continuing work with Edwards Lifesciences. Throughout 2023 our single-decker event buses, RSP17 (Eva) and RSP16  (Edi) have been travelling across Europe helping the company educate and train hundreds of surgeons in technologies which help enable less invasive heart valve surgery.

Our single-decker promotional bus on a recent tour stop in France.

Everything for the event

Our promotional buses are busy turning marketing campaigns into events the length and breadth of the UK and beyond. But every event benefits from a little extra, such as a website and social media to tell the community the bus is coming, and event services that make sure that, from local authority permits to parking to portaloos, every last detail of your event is meticulously planned.

Roadshow Promotions focuses on the buses themselves, but you might like to know that when you want everything taken care of, our sister companies are ready to help.

Meet them here:

Through our promotional marketing tours, we help national organisations and global brands get ‘out there’ and make an impact. Have a look at our bus tour cost calculator. And if you’re not quite sure what you need, or how to make it happen, just ask. Call  01253 923800 or contact us.


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