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Promotional Buses On the Road – Summer 2023 Review

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Roadshow Promotions Summer 2023 Review

It’s fair to say this summer hasn’t been one of wall-to-wall sunshine. So while our fleet of mobile campaign buses have been clocking up the miles across the UK and Europe, one UK client realised they had an urgent need for a bus conversion of a
different kind…

Worker welfare buses at the double!

You’d think summer would be the peak productivity time for an earthmoving company. But this summer had other plans. As the rain continued throughout July and August, Blackwell Earthmoving needed a new approach to its onsite worker welfare, including drying facilities.

We obliged with two static buses (giving the earthmoving teams a space to eat, drink and take a break), supplemented by two movable toilet and drying units in converted shipping containers, supplied by our sister company Roadshow Statics.

We customised the toilet and drying units to suit Blackwell Earthmovers’ specifications and preferences. Each unit has two separate compartments: one for male toilets, one for female. Toilets are equipped with sinks and ventilation, while the drying area has benches, heaters and clothes rails.

Much to the Blackwell team’s relief, we were able to deliver in near record time, as Blackwell’s Construction Manager Nick Drage explained:

“[Roadshow Promotions’] efficiency and responsiveness ensured a smooth collaboration, with the first bus delivered to the site within a remarkable five working days from the initial contact.”
Blackwell Earthmoving Toilet & Drying Units
We rapidly delivered two static buses alongside customised toilet and drying units tailored to Blackwell Earthmovers' specifications

Launching Modular Buses – promotional buses for campaigns in a hurry

We’ve completed some spectacular promotional campaigns over the past few years. Leonardo Hotels. Johnson & Johnson Ethicon. They just go to show what you can do when you have the time to craft something truly unique.

But what if you don’t have that time, but still want an exhibition bus to take your campaign nationwide?

That’s the reason we launched our modular promotional bus. Inside and out, the modular approach means tailoring the bus and its branding to your needs has never been easier – or quicker. It’s budget friendly too.

McLaughlin & Harvey’s ‘You Matter Bus’

Supporting staff health and wellbeing is a challenge for any business, but it’s harder still when your people travel from site to site and find it hard to get health check-ups. That’s why construction firm McLaughlin & Harvey decided to take welfare to their people with a ‘You Matter Bus’ that’s been touring the UK this summer.

We created the bespoke double decker welfare bus that enables staff to access a wide range of health services, from blood pressure and BMI checks to diabetes screening and even a stress relieving massage from the onboard masseuse on the top deck.

The UK tour included:

Edwards Lifesciences’ European tour continues

Over the summer, two of our single decker event buses continued their European Tour across Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain and the Netherlands.  They’ve been supporting Edwards Lifesciences as the company has taken its latest innovations in the field of cardiovascular medicine across Europe, delivering hands-on training to medical professionals.

Ethicon’s going down to Liverpool

Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon double decker Corporate Class bus made a huge impact with medical professionals when it toured the UK last year.

This year, the relationship has continued, and we’ve converted a single decker bus for use at key healthcare events and conferences over the summer. Just recently the bus was at a healthcare event in Liverpool, providing brand visibility, awareness and hospitality for surgeons and health teams.

Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Bus
Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon single decker promotional bus continues its successful tour of healthcare events and conferences

Driving public health in Richmond and Wandsworth

For a health awareness campaign to really make an impact, it needs to be seen by the people at whom it’s targeted. Richmond and Wandsworth councils have discovered there’s no better way to do that than by bus. Over the summer, they’ve taken our mobile clinic buses into the community, where it’s easier for people to access facilities they might otherwise miss. It’s also proved an extremely cost-effective way of driving better outcomes.

Coming soon

Right now, the Roadshow Promotions team are hard at work converting more buses for their next promotional, mobile clinic and welfare roles. Watch this space.

Through our promotional marketing tours, we help national organisations and global brands get ‘out there’ and make an impact. Have a look at our bus tour cost calculator. And if you’re not quite sure what you need, or how to make it happen, just ask. Call 01253 923800 or contact us.


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