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For events big enough to require backstage support areas and possibly green screens or rooms, but not big enough for a village of marquees! The answer is to  put your people on a bus, its the perfect and practical solution.

Blackpool, the home of of one of the leading Roadshow event providers, Roadshow Promotions, is no stranger to significant outdoor events, yet there are events that occupy a space in the Mobile Roadshow Event market, that doesn’t easily fit traditional green screen and backstage support solutions.

Our outside event organisation buses were designed for these sort of outdoor venues – spaces that need to find smart, safe, compact ways of delivering the backstage area to maximise space front of stage.

Use our event support buses as green rooms on wheels, as backstage breakout areas for stage crew or even mobile makeup and costume units. And when space is at a real premium, combine backstage support with the power of our digital screen buses, and let our event vehicles support your event from the inside and out.

Discover how with Roadshow Promotions.

Leonardo hotels branded and dressed corporate promotional bus

Why Choose Outside Event Organisation With Roadshow Promotions?

Morrisons Exhibition Bus on Tour

Backstage support areas

Not every outdoor event has sufficient room for the support crew. Our Event Support Buses enable your crew to operate from up to two floors of surprisingly versatile space. Use it for first aid, wardrobe, or make-up. It makes a spectacular breakout space for your team to take a break – especially valuable if it’s raining!

Green rooms on wheels

You’d be surprised at just how luxurious our green room buses can be. Yet it’s not just the fact that there’s plenty of space for artists to wait and/or unwind in comfort. It’s the fact that, when space and set up time are at a premium, an artist support bus can roll into place and be ready to receive its guests within minutes.

Mobile stage screens
Any event of scale needs video screen support to ensure everyone enjoys a great view. Yet when space is tight it can be hard to find room for backstage support areas and the rigging needed to carry large screens. Our digital screen buses enable you to have both on a much smaller footprint. With an 8ft digital screen behind the stage or on either side, you can combine visual power for the audience. This in addition to a well appointed breakout space for your artists or crew.

Central Hub


Event Support Made Easier

Part of your event management package

Backstage may be sorted, but what about the security, permits, parking, power and other elements you’ll need in place to ensure your event runs smoothly? From crowd control barriers and portaloos to catering and local event team management, talk to us about your wider event management and event support needs.

We’re here to help

Roadshow Promotions people know events. Our buses have been packing a marketing, promotional and entertainment punch for years, and now our capabilities extend to everything that surrounds your event, not just the bus.

Our experience means we know what needs to happen when. Wherever you are in the UK, we know the people to talk to about staging events because our promotional tours have been everywhere. It means that, if you’ve been tasked with booking an event support team for your outdoor event and have no idea where to start in obtaining permits, booking locations and arranging everything that goes into making an event a success, we do.

We’re ready to help. Call us, and we’ll guide you through the process.

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Suitable vehicles in the fleet

Any of our support vehicles can be tailored to your event, but the following vehicles are ideally suited to supporting your outside events:
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