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Oscar Mayer Marketing Bus

Oscar Mayer

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Oscar Mayer Marketing Bus

Use of a food tasting and marketing bus for Oscar Mayer Ready Made foods the enquiry changed to a purely marketing environment due to the rapidly changing Covid-19 situation

Oscar Mayer required a single decker bus to use as part of a tender process to highlight their range of ready meals to supermarket chains.

We provided RSP07 a single decker with the layout required



RSP07: The Training Bus for IT and Other Skills What is RSP07? RSP07 is a single decker training bus, nicknamed Freddy, that can provide IT ...
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Key Dates

Booked Date: October 1, 2020
Start Date: November 16, 2020
End Date: November 25, 2020


  • Hailey Road Business Park, Erith, Kent DA18 4AR


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Oscar Mayer Marketing Bus

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