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Modular Promotional Buses: 10 Reasons Customers Are On Board

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Modular Promotional Roadshow Buses: Top Reasons Clients Are On Board

More and more customers are getting on board with our fleet of modular promotional buses recognising their ability to deliver a range of benefits quickly and flexibly.  We explore ten reasons behind the growing popularity of the latest introduction to the fleet.

1. Ideal for Short-Term Tours and Intermittent Campaigns

Whether you are planning a short-term promotional bus tour or intermittent campaigns for marketing, staff engagement, training, educational or awareness, modular promotional buses provide great flexibility. They can be booked for specific short-term durations, making them a cost-effective option for temporary promotions and campaigns. This flexibility ensures that you can reach your target audience effectively without committing to long-term investments.

2. Customisable Seat Colours

Our modular promotional buses allow you to change the seat colours to suit your brand identity. Whether you want to match your brand’s colour scheme or create a vibrant and eye-catching interior, the flexibility to customise the seat colours adds an individual touch to your promotional campaigns.

3. Flexible Internal Space Configuration

One of the key advantages of modular buses is the ability to change the internal space configuration. You can easily modify the seating arrangement and add or remove workspaces to accommodate the specific requirements of your campaign. This adaptability ensures that your promotional bus can be tailored to create the perfect environment for engaging with your target audience whether that’s as a mobile health bus, an exhibition bus, a training bus or a hospitality bus.

4. Short Notice Bookings

The modular nature of these buses means we can accommodate short-notice bookings. If you have a last-minute campaign or a sudden promotional opportunity, these buses can be quickly prepared and made available to you, ensuring that you can take advantage of every marketing, hospitality or training opportunity that comes your way.

5. Cost-Effective Alternative

Modular promotional buses provide an alternative to Roadshow Promotions’ regular fleet. Their versatility and customisation options eliminate the need for extensive modifications, full branding wraps or specialist conversion for each campaign. This helps you save both time and money while maintaining high-quality promotional experiences.

Modular leather bench seating option inside our Corporate Class Promotional Bus: RSP19 (Lizzie)

6. Reusable Graphics

Graphics play a vital role in capturing attention and conveying your brand message. With our modular promotional buses, you can easily apply graphics to the exteriors and interiors. The best part is that these graphics can be stored and reused for intermittent campaigns, further reducing your costs and environmental impact.

7. Full Branding Potential

To create a cohesive and immersive brand experience, modular promotional buses also allow you to brand the exterior with significant coverage. Plus the interiors can be branded enabling you to create a complete brand environment. From wall graphics to brand specifics, you can transform the bus into a branded space that aligns perfectly with your campaign.

8. Quick Turnaround and Commissioning

Our fleet of modular promotional buses are designed for quick turnaround. We can efficiently prepare and customise these buses to ensure they are ready to hit the road promptly. This means you can launch your campaigns faster, maximizing your impact.

9. Nationwide Availability And Tour Planning

Just like our regular fleet, our modular promotional buses are available through the UK, allowing you to reach your target audience in various towns, counties and even nationwide. Our experienced team take care of the entire tour planning process on your behalf. From securing permission to mapping out the route and coordinating logistics, they handle all the necessary arrangements ensuring a seamless and efficient tour experience.

10. Streamlined Process and Expert Support

We pride ourselves on providing a smooth and hassle-free experience for clients. With our highly experienced team we take care of every aspect of the tour. From planning the route and preparing the bus inside and out, to supplying a professional driver. We manage all the logistics allowing you to focus on your core goals. As one satisfied client recently stated. “I just provided the artwork and where I wanted to go and Roadshow Promotions took care of the rest”. Our expertise and attention to detail ensure that your promotional campaign runs smoothly from start to finish.

With nationwide reach, comprehensive tour planning services and efficient execution, our range of modular promotional buses offers a complete package. Their customisable features, adaptability, cost-effectiveness, and quick turnaround are making them a popular addition to the fleet.

Through our promotional marketing tours, we help national organisations and global brands get ‘out there’ and make an impact. Have a look at our bus tour cost calculator. And if you’re not quite sure what you need, or how to make it happen, just ask. Call  01253 923800 or contact us.

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