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Mobile Clinic Conversion

When there are people to screen, inoculate or inform, do it with a mobile clinic conversion
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Mobile Clinic Conversion

For health trusts, medical brands, charities and local/national government campaigns, when there are people to screen, inoculate or inform, do it with a mobile clinic conversion by Roadshow Promotions.

Why choose a mobile clinic?

Our mobile clinic buses have long been one of the mainstays of our fleet of event hire vehicles. At any one time we have three health check rental buses on the road. As you might expect, the pandemic ramped up the urgency for roving vaccination buses, but they’ve been a core part of what we do for much longer.

That’s because a clinic bus gets to the heart of communities. When you need to drive up awareness, screening or vaccination rates, it becomes much easier to do it when you go direct to where your patients are.

As a result, we’ve converted single decker buses and vans into mobile clinics for everything from diabetes to HIV testing to general health checks.

So whatever your medical outreach campaign involves, do it better by bus, by hiring or undertaking a mobile clinic conversion.

Every type of mobile clinic

Testing, screening, vaccination, awareness building and myth busting – we offer a complete bespoke mobile clinic building service that meets the diverse and specialist requirements of our broad client base. Talk to us about your needs.

 Built on experience

Mobile clinic conversions are among our most sought-after projects. That gives us vast experience not just in creating mobile clinics that meeting your objectives, but which also meet your compliance requirements. For any health provider arranging a clinic bus, that makes life a lot simpler.

Buy or rent your mobile clinic vehicle

Are you planning a conversion for a single mobile clinic outreach tour, or do you plan to use your medical van or bus conversion again and again? At Roadshow Promotions, you can choose health check bus hire for a tour or limited series of events. Or you can opt for conversion for your sole use—designed from your brief and tailored to suit your specific requirements—so you can use your bus for campaign after campaign.

Mobile Clinic Conversion Health Awareness Bus
Mobile Clinic Conversion
Why Choose Roadshow Promotions?

Medical screening bus conversion is our business

You’ll find two generations of our family working on your mobile clinic conversion. Some of us have been completing successful conversions for more than two decades. It means that when you want to ask questions or seek advice, you’ll always get straight answers and lots of ideas, all informed by years of knowing what works.

Discover how much more successful we can make your mobile clinic conversion. Talk to us.

Vehicle Conversion Cost Calculator

Vehicle Conversion Cost Calculator

If you want to convert a vehicle for your promotional or marketing needs, you need to know the budget required. We have created a vehicle conversion cost estimator that you can use to get an idea of the cost
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Roadshow Promotions Conversion Process

So how does this work?

We promise to make this really, really simple.

1. Get in touch

By contact form, quote form or telephone, tell us what you need. Don’t know what you want and need? Call us for a chat.

2. Explore options

What vehicle? How long? What’s happening on the outside and inside? In just a few minutes, we’ll build a picture of what you need.

3. The estimate

We give you a price for the work discussed. You’ll either sign it off or call us for a chat about doing a little more or less.

4. Sign off

You approve plans for the vehicle and the mobile clinic conversion, advise if there is any branding or whether you want the vehicle resprayed

5. Vehicle and conversion

We order or accept delivery of the vehicle and commence the mobile clinic conversion process immediately

6. Delivery

The mobile clinic conversion is completed, we arrange branding or painting and set a date for sign-off collection or delivery by your team

Get started. Call 01253 923800 to explore your options now

Would you like Mobile Clinic Conversion or Hire?

Current & Previous Projects

Vehicle Conversion News & Projects

Roadshow Promotions have undertaken many Mobile Clinic Conversion related projects since its conception.

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