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Introducing our Fleet of Innovative Modular Promotional Buses

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Introducing our Fleet of Innovative Modular Promotional Buses

A Roadshow Promotions modular tour bus.

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our fleet of Modular Promotional Buses developed to provide customers with an efficient, flexible and cost-effective solution to their roadshow campaigns.

With their modular interior and exterior, adaptable branding options, and versatility for short-term, short-notice tours the innovative fleet offers clients more flexibility, options and a better use of their budgets.

Here, Stuart Greenley explains more about the Modular buses and why they are already capturing client attention.

Q: What exactly is a Modular Promotional Bus?

A: Each Modular Promotional Bus introduces a quick changing external branding system applied to our Corporate Class fleet. This Modular Frame System allow both our double-decker and single-decker bus outers to be branded in minutes with the added bonus of also being re-usable. The interior space has a range of modular possibilities allowing different configurations of seats, tables, counter space and dividers providing complete flexibility in a fraction of the time.

Q: How would you describe them in a few words?

A: Cost-effective. Quick Process. Flexible. Impactful. And Short (by that I mean, short-notice, short-term tours/campaigns, and shortened lead times)

Q: How does the Modular Promotional Bus Fleet provide flexibility and impact in marketing campaigns?

A: Our range of Modular Promotional Buses offer both flexibility and impactful results. Their modular design allows for easy customisation of the interior and exterior spaces ensuring that clients can create a unique and attention-grabbing experience for their target audience. Whether it’s showcasing products, launching a new service or creating an immersive brand experience, the buses can adapt to diverse campaign objectives.

Q: Tell us more about the significance of Shortened Lead Times?

A: A Modular promotional bus offers significant advantage when it comes to shortened lead times. Traditionally, preparing a bus for a promotional tour could take several months involving extensive modifications before and after the tour. With the Modular Bus what used to be a lengthy timeline can now be accomplished in a matter of days. This rapid turnaround, we believe, is a game-changer for clients, as it allows them to book a bus at short notice to meet time-sensitive marketing campaigns or for when unexpected opportunities or events arise.

The Modular buses enable clients to be agile and proactive. Clients can make the most of time-sensitive opportunities that may have been missed otherwise. Plus they provide the flexibility and responsiveness needed to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and customer demands. In turn, this translates into a competitive edge, increased brand visibility, and enhanced opportunities for engagement and conversion.

Our fleet of Modular Promotional Buses developed to provide customers with an efficient, flexible and cost-effective solution to their campaigns.

Q: What makes them so flexible?

A: Flexibility is a key feature. Not only can the promotional bus be easily rested and reused as campaigns require breaks, but it also allows for quick rebranding and redesigning. Graphics and branding can be applied to both the modular interior and exterior areas, providing clients with the flexibility to adapt to changing campaign needs.

Q: Is the Modular Promotional Bus suitable for short-term tours and intermittent campaigns?

A: It is, yes! The Modular Promotional Bus is ideal for short-term tours and campaigns that may require breaks in between. Its modular nature ensures that clients can easily configure the internal space to suit their specific needs and adjust the layout of the bus as required. This adaptability allows for seamless transitions between different marketing initiatives.

Q: How does the branding process work?

A: Clients are still able to brand the bus exterior and still get up to 60-70% branded coverage. Graphics and branding are applied to the modular areas both inside and outside of the bus. This means that clients have complete control over the visual representation of their campaigns. The modular design allows for easy rebranding and restyling. Graphics can be removed and stored safely until the next tour, whether that’s in a couple of weeks, in 6 months or the year after.

Q: Is the Modular Promotional Bus Range suitable for both long- and short-term campaigns?

A: Absolutely! The Modular Promotional Bus Range caters for both long and short-term campaigns. Its versatility makes it ideal for businesses with varying campaign durations. Whether clients need a bus for a week-long tour or for 3 months with a break in between, the modular design allows for quick adjustments and configurations to accommodate the requirements of the brief.

Q: Can the interior be fully customised to meet specific needs including the layout, seats and worktops?

A: Yes. The interiors are fully customisable to suit individual requirements. Clients have the flexibility to change the configuration of the layout, allowing them to create the desired seating arrangements and workspaces that align with campaign objectives and functional requirements.

Q: Is it possible to change the colours of the seats as well?

A: It certainly is! The Modular Promotional Bus provides clients with the option to change the seat colours according to their branding or design preferences. This level of customisation allows for a cohesive and visually appealing interior that reinforces brand identity and creates a memorable experience for visitors.

Q: In summary, what advantages does the Modular Promotional Bus offer clients?

A: The Modular Promotional Bus gives clients more flexibility, more options, and better use of their budget. With shortened lead times, cost savings, and the ability to rest, redress, and reuse the bus, businesses can maximise their marketing efforts and achieve greater impact.

Stuart Greenley has over 30 years’ experience in running promotional bus tours. He has helped global brands and national organisations including the NHS run their tours across the UK and Europe. If something can be done on a bus, Stuart will know how to make it happen.

Through our promotional marketing tours, we help national organisations and global brands get ‘out there’ and make an impact. Have a look at our bus tour cost calculator. And if you’re not quite sure what you need, or how to make it happen, just ask. Call 01253 923800 or contact us.

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