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I’m A Promotional Bus Newbie — Help! 

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I’m A Promotional Bus Newbie - Help!

So, er… how does this work? It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a marketing manager or events coordinator, chances are you probably won’t have arranged a promotional bus before. That means you’ll have questions. And we’d like to answer some of them here…

1. Are promotional buses effective?

The simple answer is: very. Take one of our recent healthcare clients, for example. The Vita Health Group chose one of our promotional campaign buses for a two-week ‘Get on Board with Your Mental Health’ tour of Leicestershire and Rutland, designed to raise awareness of mental health and provide practical tools to the public visiting the bus.

Around 2,000 people visited the bus during the campaign, and Vita reported a surge in website visits, because when you take a campaign on the road with a branded bus, it effectively becomes a mobile billboard for your services.

Combine your marketing bus campaign with a digital one as part of an integrated marketing campaign, and you can really drive footfall and clicks.

A Photo of the Vita Health Group Mental Health Awareness bus.
Vita's branded bus for their highly successful "Get on Board with Your Mental Health" campaign. Photo courtesy of Vita Health Group

2. How do I know which is the right promotional bus?

Double decker? Single decker? A fully bespoke bus transformed into, for example, a hotel bedroom — as we did for Leonardo Hotels’ rebrand from Jury’s Inn. Or a mobile clinic bus for the latest vaccination programme?

Whether you want to do something no one has ever seen before, or you’re short of time and want maximum impact from a promotional vehicle that can be on the road in as little two weeks, there’s a bus for that. And it only takes a short chat for us to identify the right one for you.

3. A campaign bus will be a faff to organise, won’t it?

Ermmm, no, it won’t. It’s certainly true that there’s a lot to plan, but once you’re clear about your campaign objectives, we’ll do everything else, from customising the bus and fitting it out with IT, seating, branding and more, to planning your campaign route and providing the driver.

The process we follow is simple and faff free — you can see it here. And although you don’t need to be heavily involved in the process, you’re very welcome to be if you wish.

An interior photo of the Multiply tour's seating onboard the bus.
A modular seating layout tailored to the needs of Runway Training for their Multiply educational bus tour focused on adult learners.

4. This is going to be expensive, isn’t it?

We’re experts at squeezing big impact from relatively small budgets. And with a range of promotional vehicle and campaign options to suit a range of budgets, your marketing bus will probably cost less than you imagine.

Also, we like to think of it as cost-effective. Think about the number of people that will see your brand (either at each tour destination or on the journey to it), engage with it, remember it and talk to other people about their experience on your promotional bus. Countless brands and organisations have already discovered the effect our buses can have in terms of awareness, engagement, interactions and sales. Discover their impact for yourself.

5. Ok, I’m convinced. Where do I start?

With a chat about your plans. You tell us about your brand, what you’d like to achieve and the locations you’d like to target. We’ll talk you through the various ways in which our campaign buses could help you, explore your bus and branding options, and put a plan together with budgets, milestones and deadlines.


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