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How to Boost Staff Engagement with a Bus Tour

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Staff Engagement Bus Tour

Staff engagement is a key factor for any organisation. It affects performance, productivity, and retention. Engaged employees are more motivated, committed, and satisfied with their work and their employer.

But engaging staff can be challenging, especially when they are dispersed across different locations. They may have limited opportunities to interact with each other and the management.

One innovative and effective way to overcome this challenge is to use a bus tour as a staff engagement tool. A bus tour is a roadshow that involves a fully branded and customised bus. It travels to various sites and meets the staff in person.

It can be used for various purposes, such as:

  • Showcasing the benefits and rewards that the organisation offers to its staff. These may include health schemes, discounts, savings plans, and holiday buy zones.
  • Providing information and advice on career development, training, and learning opportunities.
  • Conducting health screening, wellness checks, and fitness activities.
  • Holding consultations, feedback sessions, and surveys.
  • Celebrating achievements, milestones, and successes.
  • Organising fun events, competitions, and games.

A bus tour can have many benefits for staff engagement. For example, it can:

  • Create a positive and supportive work environment that values and recognises the staff.
  • Increase awareness and appreciation of the organisation’s vision, mission, and goals.
  • Enhance communication and collaboration among the staff and the management.
  • Build trust and loyalty among the staff and the organisation.
  • Improve morale and motivation among the staff.
  • Boost creativity and innovation among the staff.

The Benefits of Staff Engagement

Staff engagement is not only beneficial for the employees themselves, but also for the organisation as a whole. Some of the benefits of staff engagement are:

  • Reduced staff turnover and absenteeism. Engaged employees are less likely to leave the organisation or take sick leave. They feel more valued, satisfied, and loyal to their employer. This can save costs and time for recruitment, training, and induction. It can also maintain continuity and stability in the workforce .
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Engaged employees are more likely to deliver high-quality products and services. They are more motivated, enthusiastic, and passionate about their work. They also go the extra mile to meet and exceed customer expectations. They share the organisation’s vision and goals. This can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. It can also generate positive word-of-mouth and referrals .
  • Increased innovation and creativity. Engaged employees are more willing to contribute their ideas and suggestions. They feel more empowered, trusted, and respected by their employer. They also learn new skills and take on new challenges. They seek to grow and develop themselves. This can foster a culture of innovation and creativity. It can also support continuous improvement and change .

How to Hire a Bus for Your Staff Engagement Tour

If you are interested in hiring a bus for your staff engagement tour, you can contact us. We specialise in creating bespoke vehicles for events and campaigns, have a wide range of pre-built vehicle hire solutions for promotional marketing roadshows. Have different classes of buses for different purposes. These include exhibition buses, training buses, health buses, meeting buses, hospitality buses, and digital screen buses.

We can also create customised buses for clients who require a more exact interior.

Roadshow Promotions can help you create the bus by providing the vehicle, branding, interior design, and logistics.

We will also ensure that the bus meets all the health and safety requirements and complies with the Covid-19 guidelines.

Will work with you to devise a campaign bus and roadshow route that ensures everyone is included.

We also provide a dedicated and experienced tour driver who will take care of the driving and parking of the bus.

Examples of Successful Staff Engagement Bus Tours

Roadshow Promotions has helped many organisations to run successful staff engagement bus tours in the past. Here are some examples of previous projects:

  • Selco Staff Engagement Tour: Selco Builders Warehouse is a leading UK supplier of building materials and tools. They ran a seven-week roadshow that involved a fully branded double decker bus travelling to 34 branches and the Support Centre across the country.

The bus was designed to showcase the various benefits that Selco offers to its colleagues. These include the Cycle To Work Scheme, Simply Health, My Gateway Retail Discounts, Transave UK Savings Scheme, and Holiday Buy Zone.

Employees could learn more about these services and participate in fun activities and competitions to win prizes such as bikes, extra holiday days, and vouchers1.

  • United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust Staff Engagement Tour: United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust is an NHS trust that provides hospital services across Lincolnshire in England. They ran a four-week roadshow that involved a single decker bus travelling to 11 hospitals across the county.

The bus was designed to provide information and advice on career development opportunities within the trust. Employees could access online resources such as e-learning modules, job vacancies, apprenticeships, mentoring schemes, coaching programmes, leadership courses, etc. They could also speak to career advisors who could help them with CV writing, interview skills, career planning etc1.

  • Abellio East Midlands Trains Staff Engagement Tour: Abellio East Midlands Trains is a train operating company in England that runs intercity services on the Midland Main Line from London St Pancras International station to destinations in the East Midlands and Yorkshire. They ran a six-week roadshow that involved a single decker bus travelling to 15 stations across the region.

The bus was designed to celebrate the achievements and successes of the staff and the company, as well as to provide information and feedback on the transition to a new franchise. Employees could enjoy refreshments, entertainment, and giveaways, as well as share their views and suggestions on how to improve the service and the customer experience1.

  • NHS Blood and Transplant Staff Engagement Tour: NHS Blood and Transplant is a special health authority that provides blood donation and organ transplantation services across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. They ran a four-week roadshow that involved a double decker bus travelling to 12 blood centres across the country.

The bus was designed to promote health and wellbeing among the staff, as well as to recognise and reward their contributions to saving lives. Employees could access health checks, massages, yoga sessions, mindfulness workshops, healthy snacks, and smoothies, as well as receive certificates, badges, and thank you cards

How to Choose Between a Double or Single Decker Bus for Your Staff Engagement Tour

Depending on your budget, objectives, and audience size, you can choose between a double or single decker bus for your staff engagement tour. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

  • A double decker bus has more space and capacity than a single decker bus. It can accommodate up to 30 people at a time, compared to 20 people for a single decker bus. This means that you can reach more staff in less time and reduce waiting times.
  • A double decker bus has more visibility and impact than a single decker bus. It can attract more attention and curiosity from the public and the media, as well as create a stronger brand image and awareness. It can also display more information and graphics on its exterior and interior.
  • A double decker bus has more flexibility and versatility than a single decker bus. It can offer different zones and layouts for different purposes. These include exhibition, training, meeting, hospitality, etc. It can also be adapted to different themes and events, such as health, education, entertainment, etc.
  • A single decker bus has lower costs and requirements than a double decker bus. It has lower hire fees, fuel consumption, maintenance expenses, and insurance premiums. It also has lower height restrictions, weight limits, parking fees, and permits.
  • A single decker bus has easier access and mobility than a double decker bus. It has fewer steps and barriers for entry and exit, which makes it more convenient and comfortable for the staff. It also has better manoeuvrability and navigation in narrow roads and tight spaces.


A staff engagement tour is a great way to connect with your staff across different locations and boost their engagement levels.

You can hire a bus from Roadshow Promotions to create a customised and memorable experience for your staff.

You can choose between a double or single decker bus depending on your needs and preferences. Contact Roadshow Promotions today to find out more about their services and prices.


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