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How Much Branding Should We Apply to our Promotional Vehicle?

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Although most of our fleet of promotional buses are painted either Black, Grey or White and will happily accept little to no branding. So when asked “How much branding should we apply” we always advise applying as much branding to the exterior of one of the vehicles as the budget will stand, even if this means skimping on other items.

Single Decker Partial Wrap
Single Decker Partial Wrap

Why you ask, well there are several reasons for maximising the use of external branding on a promotional vehicle, these being

  • Nothing makes a vehicle stand out from the crowd than a colourful well applied external vinyl wrap
  • A well branded vehicle has the potential to be viewed by as many as 70,000 people per day, across all age, sex and demographic groups.
  • When compared to any other form of outside advertising, a well branded vehicle has a lower cost per impression

If the above doesn’t rock your boat then take note of various studies that have been undertaken: A study by the ATA found that 9 in 10 drivers notice vehicle advertising and that nearly 30% of these individuals would make a buying decision based on this factor

A study by the advertising agency RYP & Becker Group found that 97% of those surveyed recalled vehicle advertising, 98% stated that the advertising created a positive image of the advertiser and 96% stated that vehicle branding had a greater impact than billboard advertising.

Yu Gi Oh Double Decker Vehicle Wraps
Yu Gi Oh Double Decker Wrap

With a full colour, graphical wrap being the ultimate in vehicle branding and potentially the most effective, clients with limited budgets can often generate the same or similar effect by utilising the painted background colour of the vehicle and applying well placed images, text and logo’s over the bodywork.

All our vehicle branding costs are based upon you’re design artwork,  the amount of printed and unprinted vinyl used and the time it takes to apply, it also includes the hire cost for the vehicle whilst the bus is being branded and stripped of vinyl at the end of the promotional tour

How Much Branding the Bottom Line

Single Decker Full Wrap
Single Decker Full Wrap

Simply put promotional bus branding has proven to deliver a return of investment by increasing brand and/or tour awareness at a fraction of the cost of other, more conventional advertising, with not only the brand and/or tour being displayed but your phone number, website, social networking sites and email being seen by thousands daily

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