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How Green is Your Promotional Bus?

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How Green is Your Promotional Bus?

Cleaner than cars. Clean enough to qualify for clean air zones. So clean they’re emission-free on site. Choose our latest models for your promotional vehicle, and you’ll be choosing our cleanest ever buses.

Let’s talk about the big, carbon-based elephant in the room. A promotional bus may be a brilliantly eye-catching, memorable and practical way to take your products or service to an audience, but when every organisation is working hard to show its eco-friendliness, can a diesel bus ever be considered green?

The answer is a resounding yes, and for a variety of reasons.

1. Our promotional buses are clean enough for clean air zones

You’ve probably heard about NOx. That’s the collective term for polluting nitrogen oxides that, in sufficient concentrations, can affect our health and the environment. Traditionally, diesel vehicles produced plenty of NOx and other particulates. Old vehicles meeting Euro 1 standards produced around 8g/kWh of NOx. But we don’t run any Euro 1 or 2 standard vehicles, and our newest exhibition, training and event buses meet the newest Euro 6 standards.

Euro 6 buses emit 75% less NOx when compared with vehicles of only the previous generation (Euro 5) and a tiny fraction of their older peers’ emissions. At just 0.46g/kWh, Euro 6 buses are approved by the government for entering the country’s clean air zones[1].

So wherever you want your promotional bus to tour, you’ll be able to do it cleanly in most UK cities with a Euro 6 bus.

2. Our zero emission promotional vehicles generate their own power

It’s not just on the road that our promotional buses prove their green credentials. As our Corporate Class buses demonstrate, once at site the vehicle switches from low emission to no emission. That’s down to a combination of on-roof solar panels and an energy recovery system which uses electricity generated by the bus as it travels between locations.

It’s not just our Corporate Class buses that can operate this way. Our bespoke training & marketing buses and even some of our Standard Class buses can too.

3. Our promotional buses are cleaner than diesel cars

“Modern [diesel] cars emit twice the level of poisonous NOx than the latest trucks and buses.” Not our words, but those of German testing agency KBA as reported by Fleet Alliance[1].

Effectively, the article notes that Euro 6 standards in real-world driving conditions are very different depending on whether you’re looking at diesel cars or diesel buses and trucks.

The study found “after-treatment systems for Euro 6 HGVs could be ten times more effective at removing NOx from exhaust emissions than a current Euro 6 diesel passenger car.”

So in addition to being the cleanest diesel bus there is, a Euro 6 diesel bus will be significantly cleaner than many diesel cars.

Why does that matter? Think of it this way. On a promotional vehicle, the display materials tour the country. While your events manager may travel with it, many clients book a fresh event team for each stage of the journey to keep costs down (as you don’t have to pay for overnight accommodation for every member of the team). We can do that as part of our event management services).

If you don’t use a promotional vehicle, however, you’ll have to ship the event setup from venue to venue, and you’ll probably need the same team to travel between venues because they’ll know how to set up and dismantle everything. Any tour that needs to cover lots of miles probably won’t want to risk the range issues of an electric vehicle, so your team may well end up in a less eco-friendly diesel car.

It all adds up to more costs, more emissions and considerably more faff.

4. Our promotional buses cut everyone else’s travel

A quick calculation for you: one as-clean-as-it-can-possibly-be promotional vehicle travelling the country to engage with potentially thousands of clients, guests or members of staff. Or a non-mobile exhibition or promotion to which your people have to travel to take part. Which is cleaner?

When we took Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon medical devices on tour, we ran each event from hospital car parks. That meant potentially tonnes of carbon saved from the hundreds of visitors at each site who could walk to see us. It also meant those health professionals didn’t have to take time out of their busy days to visit the tour bus, which cut costs and protected patient services.

Choose the cleaner promotional tour

On the road and at each stop on the tour, hire a promotional bus and you hire a vehicle that’s much, much cleaner than you might first have imagined. To explore the classes of bus that can help you meet your promotional/training/exhibition objectives and your green ambitions, talk to us.

Our mission is to help our clients do more than catch the eye. We help them connect and engage. Through our promotional marketing tours, we help national organisations and global brands get ‘out there’ and make an impact. Have a look at our bus tour cost calculator. And if you’re not quite sure what you need, or how to make it happen, just ask. Call 01253 923800 or contact us.

[1] https://www.gov.uk/guidance/driving-in-a-clean-air-zone
[2] https://www.fleetalliance.co.uk/news/diesel-cars-polluting-trucks-buses-says-new-report


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