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For Unforgettable Campaigns; Think Outside the Bus

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For Unforgettable Campaigns; Think Outside the Bus

Want to stand out amid all the noise? Want to run a campaign that’s different? Want to create a memorable impact on your audience? Then look no further than the promotional bus.

Using a promotional bus for your campaigns is a guaranteed way to think outside the box and make your brand stand out from the crowd.

At Roadshow Promotions we call it “Thinking outside the bus” because when you think differently, we believe the possibilities are endless.

Here are three main benefits of running campaigns differently with a promotional bus:

1. Mobility

A promotional bus gives you the ultimate advantage of mobility. You can take your campaign wherever you want, whenever you want and reach your target audience right where they are. Instead of waiting for people to come to you …. you can go to them.

Just like Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson Medtech company are doing. We have created a bespoke double decker training bus to take the company’s innovative surgical technologies on a tour of hospitals across the UK.

You can take your promotional bus to city centres, popular events, rural locations, exhibition halls or even tour the country to reach a wider audience. And we will help you plan it all and provide a driver, even the food and catering.

2. Creativity

A promotional bus is a blank canvas waiting for your creative touch. You can design the exterior of the bus to match your brand and transform the interior into a unique and immersive experience for your specific audience.

Leonardo Hotels is a perfect example of creative thinking. When the leading hotel chain wanted to drive public awareness of their brand, we converted the upper deck of a double-decker bus into a hotel bedroom complete with a hotel bed, a desk, armchair and standard lamp. A bed on the bus … that’s what we call “Thinking outside the bus”.

You can use the internal space for awareness building, product demonstrations, interactive experiences, for training or even host events. With a promotional bus the only limit is your creativity. Chances are that if you can think it, we can do it (probably!)

Leonardo hotels branded and dressed corporate promotional bus

3. Memorability

A promotional bus creates a memorable experience for your target audience. It can be used as part of an integrated marketing campaign or as a standalone. People are more likely to remember an experience that they had with your brand rather than purely seeing an advertisement on TV or online.

When Selco Builders Warehouse wanted to show its appreciation and recognition of its employees, we planned a seven-week roadshow with a fully branded, double decker bus which travelled to 34 branches across the country. The Selco Rewards Bus created a memorable experience for its colleagues who learned more about incentives whilst participating in fun activities and competitions, all on the bus.

Your audience will associate your brand with the unique and exciting experience they had on the bus, and this will create a lasting impression in their minds.

Using a promotional bus for your campaigns is a fantastic way to think outside the box and create a unique and memorable experience for your target audience.

With the mobility, creativity and memorability that a promotional bus provides, your brand will stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impact on your audience.

So, what are you waiting for, get on the bus and start creating unforgettable campaigns.

Through our promotional marketing tours, we help national organisations and global brands get ‘out there’ and make an impact. Have a look at our bus tour cost calculator. And if you’re not quite sure what you need, or how to make it happen, just ask. Call 01253 923800 or contact us.


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