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Welcome to Roadshow Promotions FAQ Page

Roadshow Promotions services cover a wide and complex range of products, of which, many of our clients have little to no experience with. Although we have endeavoured to add as much information to the individual product or services pages as we can, there are always more questions than answers.

The hope is this FAQ page will help answer some of the more common questions and that our Blog page will will answer some of the more complex questions, if we have not covered your question(s) or you are uncertain of what our answer is or means then please do not hesitate in contacting one of our staff via phone (01253 923800) or via our contact form

All our vehicles come with a fully qualified driver, however on occasion, we do provide certain vehicles on a self-drive basis. Please ask our team if this applies to your vehicle.

All our vehicles come with fully comprehensive road use insurance. They also come with £10 million of public liability insurance. However our public liability insurance only covers the vehicle and not your event or any advice you provide others. Also our comprehensive vehicle insurance doesn’t cover loose or personnel items.
No, we do not fit, as standard, toilets aboard our vehicles, however if you really need a toilet aboard the vehicle it can be arranged.

Yes, every vehicles has some sort of audio visual system aboard as standard, the type and quantity varies from vehicle to vehicle with the predominant being LED TV’s of varying sizes and quantities.

If you are looking for extensive audio-visual abilities in your bus then check-out our new Corporate Class vehicles these buses come with a full HDMI network and comprehensive sound system including external speakers. 

Again this varies from vehicle to vehicle older conversions usually contain few if any “green” features other than LED lighting and TV’s.

However the vehicles converted over the past few years have a higher level of carbon footprint saving features, with some of the latest Standard class and all of the Corporate Class vehicles containing leisure batteries and inverters where the bus generates the electricity it uses on an event whilst it travels, with the addition of solar panels on the roof converting daylight/sunlight in to electricity whilst stationary.

We don’t or rarely sell vehicles from our rental fleet however we will happily convert a bus in to what you want it to be, see our bus and coach conversion page

In most cases the answer is yes, but it really depends upon what you want and where, it also depends upon timescales. If you are looking for something more bespoke then checkout our new corporate class buses

Yes we can build you a bespoke interior in to a rental vehicle.

View our bespoke class buses page or talk to one of our staff they will be more than happy to discuss the conversion and cost

We are happy to convert any type of vehicle for any type of use. Talk to one of our staff to discuss your requirements
Yes, our vehicles operate throughout the UK and European Union

Yes we can provide a mobile broadband internet router on each of our vehicles we offer both a free, limited data option or a more robust unlimited paid version. For more information on which would be suitable for your tour please discuss your requirements with a member of our team.

Our hire packages start from 1 day to as long as you need the vehicle

Yes, we offer a comprehensive leasing package with the minimum lease period starting at 2 years view our contact one of our staff for more information.

In general the answer is no, these vehicles have being developed for static use and we do not add seatbelts to the internal seats. However it may be possible to carry one or two staff members on many of the vehicles due to the provision of inward facing seats, which do not require seatbelts to be installed.

Yes, in fact, in most cases we highly recommend it. The more vinyl branding it has the more distinctive the bus becomes.

Checkout our bus branding page for more details regarding the different levels of branding commonly used or one of our branding blogs.

However timescales and cost can have a major influence over the amount of branding that is applied, so little to no branding is an option

Yes internal branding be arranged, how much and where the branding can be attached varies from vehicle to vehicle.

Corporate Class Buses offer the largest amount of interior branding, but our standard class buses have large areas over windows that can be effective internal branding areas, checkout our internal branding page for more information

This is another of those variables where it is difficult to give a fixed cost. Branding costs come down to the amount of printed vinyl used and as each vehicle is different the costs will vary considerably. In most cases you are looking at over £1,000 and less than £8,000
Yes you can arrange to brand the vehicle, however this will involve renting the vehicle for the branding period and will also involve the cost of a driver and mileage. Our branding service costs include the rental and there are no driver or movement costs, so ultimately we expect to provide the lower cost.

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