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The promotional bus is the brilliant centrepiece of an event. Yet around that centrepiece are dozens of tasks that all need delivering on time and in unison to create a successful event. Ask us to deliver it all for you and you save money as well as time.

You have a promotional tour to arrange. The campaign bus is on order, but now you need to find out who to talk to at the councils on your route about parking permits. There are venues to book and power to source. You’ll need an events team on the ground and, because you don’t want to pay for their travel and accommodation as you tour the country, you’ll need a new team for every leg of the tour. Somebody has to arrange that. And the security. And the catering. And the social media.
Event management is hard. It’s harder still when it’s fractured – with each element handled independently. Combine the event bus with every other event management service, and your event is more ‘joined up’. Nothing gets missed. Your event costs less because you need to pay for fewer contingencies. And the whole process feels easier.
Discover how much easier when you choose event management with Roadshow Promotions.
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Why Choose Event Management With Roadshow Promotions?

Stressless event organisation

You’ve seen how easy we make arranging your event bus. Ask us to apply that know-how to the rest of your event and you’ll enjoy a far more stress-free build up safe in the knowledge that every i is dotted and every t is crossed.

Event management by the people who supply the event bus

When you combine the event bus and event management, nothing gets lost in translation. We know the power, parking and permits we’ll need. We know the locations and, having already worked with local authorities across the UK, we’ve usually developed the sort of relationships that enable decisions to be made faster. It all adds up to a meticulously organised event that stays on budget, and where nothing falls through the cracks.

We know who to talk to

Managing events is part what you know and part who you know. Often, to get the right permissions and permits, first you need to speak to the right person. Finding out who that is can be a challenge in itself. So imagine having to do that for every stage of your promotional tour. We’ve been touring the country for years and have connections the length and breadth of the UK. All of which can save you days of stress.

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Make Managing Your Next Event Easier

We’re here to help

You’ve been tasked with putting a quote together for your event, but you’re you have no idea where to start. We do. Call us, and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process.

Roadshow Promotions Event Management: what’s included?

Everything you need to build a successful event around your promotional bus.

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Services include but are not limited to:
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