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Engagement Campaign Bus Hire

You need more than awareness; you need engagement. Build it with an engagement campaign vehicle

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Awareness is one thing. But when you need people to act – to sign up, to donate or to get involved – you need more than awareness; you need engagement. Build it with an engagement campaign vehicle from Roadshow Promotions.


Why choose engagement campaign vehicle rental?

Often, it’s the conversation that matters. Evidence shows that, whether the issue is healthy eating, smoking cessation or vaccine confidence, face to face engagement delivers results that a social media campaign simply can’t.

An engagement campaign bus helps build trust because it enables you to meet your target market on their ‘home turf’. It’s a welcoming yet neutral environment that enables you to answer questions, foster understanding and hold honest conversations. It enables people to see for themselves, and then it encourages them to act.

Discover what an engagement campaign bus tour could do for your organisation.


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Promotional Bus Tour Cost Calculator

Promotional Bus Tour Cost Calculator

If you are planning a roadshow campaign for your business, you might be wondering how much it will cost to hire a vehicle, staff, and extras for your tour. Fortunately, here is a tool that can help you estimate the cost of your roadshow in minutes

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Engagement Campaign Bus Rental

Every engagement campaign
Health engagement plays a major role in the promotional buses we design and convert. But health is far from the only sector that needs to engage. Our engagement campaign buses have helped drum up new players for charities’ lotteries.

They’re promoted issues such as fostering and guide dogs. And they’ve been the focal point of local government community consultations.

Build your bus
With such a large fleet of buses to choose from, you get more ways to tailor the way you engage when you choose Roadshow Promotions. From the cost-efficient power of our Standard Class engagement buses to the near infinite customisability of our Bespoke Class or Corporate Class buses, there’s an engagement campaign bus for every organisation and every budget. 

 Infinite options
Add your logos. Wrap the entire bus. Play your video content on our Digital Screen Class bus. Inside, we’ll work with you to tailor the space so that, whether the aim is for visitors to sit and chat, to read or to interact with your IT, your engagement campaign bus delivers results.

Why Choose Roadshow Promotions?

Engagement campaign bus support

Where will your engagement roadshow bus take you? In addition to designing and customising your promotional vehicle, we’ll also work with you to create a cost-effective campaign tour.

A family business

For our customers, it matters that we’re a family business and that we’ve been working with promotional buses for decades. It gives them confidence that we know what we’re talking about, so they don’t waste time on projects that will be unworkable and instead save money by finding the right solution straight away. They value our experience and know how, and they like the fact that a friendly chat is often the fastest route to a clever solution.

Discover the difference we can make to your promotional campaign.

 What will your engagement campaign vehicle include?

Although details can differ for every client and with every bus, typical campaign bus rental will include: 

Talk to us about brand campaign bus hire now

Roadshow Promotions Process

So how does this work?

We promise to make this really, really simple.

1. Get in touch

By contact form, quote form or telephone, tell us what you need. Don’t know what you want and need? Call us for a chat.

2. Explore options

What vehicle? How long? What’s happening on the outside and inside? In just a few minutes, we’ll build a picture of what you need.

3. The estimate

We give you a price for the work discussed. You’ll either sign it off or call us for a chat about doing a little more or less.

4. Sign off

You approve the conversion, the branding and, if this is a full promotional marketing tour, the route plan.

5. Branding and conversion

We send a template of your chosen bus to pass to your marketing team so the design is always on brand.

6. Delivery

We prepare the vehicle, appoint a driver and dispatch the vehicle to arrive at your first destination. Our driver will be with you soon...

Get started. Call 01253 923800 to explore your options now

Would you like to hire a Engagement Campaign bus?

Latest Engagement Campaign Bus News

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Current & Previous Projects

Latest Engagement Campaign Bus Projects

Roadshow Promotions have undertaken many Engagement Campaign Bus related projects since its conception.

RSP19 McLoughlin & Harvey Health Safety Wellbeing Roadshow Branding

McLaughlin & Harvey Health and Safety Bus Tour

Blackwell Earthmovers Movable Static Solution

Selco Rewards Staff Engagement bus tour

Selco Rewards Tour

RSP04 Heppsy mobile classroom bus

HeppSY Mobile Classroom Bus

Heathrow Airport Staff Engagement Tour Bus

Heathrow Staff Engagement Tour

RSP02 ULH NHS Health Campaign Promotional Bus

United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust Staff Engagement Tour

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