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Branded Bus Hire

Vinyl Bus Wrap Branding and Coach Signage

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Branded Bus Hire

Take your branding further. Literally. Choose branded bus rental from Roadshow Promotions and, whether you’re planning a one-off event or a nationwide tour, you’ll showcase your brand like never before.

Why choose a branded vehicle?
A big brand deserves a big canvas on which to make its mark. With a branded promotional bus from Roadshow Promotions, you not only get the chance to give your brand big, bold visual impact – you can take it to where your customers are.

Healthcare. Entertainment. Hospitality. Fashion. Whatever the sector, taking your brand on the road with a Roadshow Promotions bus enables you to reach more of your target audience more effectively. We’ve done it for brands like Leonardo Hotels, ITV’s This Morning, Johnson & Johnson and Uber. And branding doesn’t get much more powerful than taking a Rimmel London bus across London Bridge.

For some of the brands we work with, the branding is just the teaser for an immersive experience on the bus. Find out more about our vehicle conversions.

For others, it’s all about the impact and finding the best way to deliver it – via vehicle decals, branded wrap or digital screen. Talk to us about the plans for your branded vehicle.

Promotional Bus Tour Cost Calculator

Promotional Bus Tour Cost Calculator

If you are planning a roadshow campaign for your business, you might be wondering how much it will cost to hire a vehicle, staff, and extras for your tour. Fortunately, here is a tool that can help you estimate the cost of your roadshow in minutes

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Branded Vehicle Rental

Choose your branded vehicle

Perhaps you just want the visual impact on the outside. A powerful vehicle wrap (skin) could deliver that.

Perhaps you want more dynamism in the visual appeal. That’s when our Digital Screen Class buses can bring animated impact to your promotional tour.

And perhaps you want the exterior branding to be the invitation to explore further. From campaigns and exhibitions to training and sales, if you want your branded bus tour to deliver more than visual oomph, talk to us about a bespoke bus conversion.

Rimmel Promotional Bus London
Engage your targets
The challenge with any large-scale brand awareness exercise is ensuring you grab the attention of the people you want to attract. A brand bus takes you where your customers are. Retailer campaigns on supermarket car parks. Health product awareness in hospital grounds. And on the way there, the bus will pass thousands more potential customers or clients.
RSP09 This Morning Birthday Tour
More cost effective than the promotional event you were planning
The beauty of a branded bus is, once the branding is in place, you simply send it to each destination on the tour, plug in (if necessary) and go. You don’t need to book lots of venues because the bus is the venue. You don’t need to ship your promo materials from location to location because it’s all on the bus. At most, set up time at each location is about 20 minutes.
That doesn’t just make for a much less stressful promotional tour. It cuts costs too.
Hire a branded bus for a single event, a few days or a tour lasting weeks/months. We’ll work with you to ensure it’s cost effective.

Why Choose Roadshow Promotions?

Arranging a promotional vehicle tour can feel daunting if you haven’t done it before. So ask us. We’re a family firm and we’ve spent decades working closely with our clients to design not just the bus branding, but every aspect of the tour.
Tour routes. Permits. Parking. Security. Local support teams. Whatever you need to make your branded vehicle deliver greater impact, we’ll do it, and we’ll make it easy.

What to expect from your brand campaign bus hire
Details may differ but a typical branded bus campaign rental is likely to include:




RSP07: The Training Bus for IT and Other Skills What is RSP07? RSP07 is a single decker training bus, nicknamed Freddy, that can provide IT ...
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RSP12 Timmi 1


Bespoke Promotional Bus RSP12 is the first of four MAN single decker ex BBC Radio outside broadcast buses to be operated as Bespoke Class buses ...
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RSP15 Ethicon Single Decker Training Bus


Meet RSP15: The Amazing Single-Decker Bus That Can Do It All RSP15 is part of our Corporate Class bus range, a new and innovative way ...
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RSP18 Modular Branding Offside


RSP18: A Versatile and Modern Promotional Bus RSP18 is a Corporate Class Double Decker Promotional Bus, one of the latest buses to join our growing ...
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Ethicon Corporate Class Bus


RSP19: The Ultimate Corporate Class Bus Are you looking for a way to impress your clients, partners, or employees with a unique and memorable experience? ...
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RSP20 Exterior Branded front NS


RSP20 Promotional Bus: The Ultimate Mobile Platform for Your Brand Are you looking for a way to make your brand stand out from the crowd? ...
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Double decker bus graphic


RSP22: A Digital Marketing Bus with a Difference If you are looking for a unique and effective way to promote your brand, product, or service, ...
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RSP23 Digital Screen Bus


8sq metre Digital Screen display (TV) on the outside of the bus
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Roadshow Promotions Process

So how does Business to Business Campaign Vehicle Hire Work?

We promise to make this really, really simple.

1. Get in touch

By contact form, quote form or telephone, tell us what you need. Don’t know what you want and need? Call us for a chat.

2. Explore options

What vehicle? How long? What’s happening on the outside and inside? In just a few minutes, we’ll build a picture of what you need.

3. The estimate

We give you a price for the work discussed. You’ll either sign it off or call us for a chat about doing a little more or less.

4. Sign off

You approve the conversion, the branding and, if this is a full promotional marketing tour, the route plan.

5. Branding and conversion

We send a template of your chosen bus to pass to your marketing team so the design is always on brand.

6. Delivery

We prepare the vehicle, appoint a driver and dispatch the vehicle to arrive at your first destination. Our driver will be with you soon...

Get started. Call 01253 923800 to explore your options now

Talk to us about branded bus hire now

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Current & Previous Projects

Brand Campaign Projects

Roadshow Promotions have undertaken many Brand Campaign bus hire related projects since its conception.

Leonardo Hotels Rebrand awareness campaign Bus

Jurys Inn/Leonardo Hotels Rebrand

Rimmel Promotional Bus London

Rimmel London Promotional Bus Tour

rsp03 Liverpool hope university educational campaign Bus

Liverpool Hope University Tour 3 Bus Project

UoC Branded Educational Campaign Promotional Bus

University of Cumbria Clearing Bus Promotional Tour

BASF RSP09 Black Grass Promotional Bus

BASF Black Grass Promotional Bus Tour

my Hermes Marketing Exhibition bus

My Hermes Marketing Tour

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