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Blackwell Earthmoving Enhances Site Welfare with Roadshow Promotions’ Buses

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Blackwell Earthmoving Enhances Site Welfare with Roadshow Promotions' Buses

In a move to prioritise the well-being and comfort of its employees, Blackwell Earthmoving has enlisted the services of Roadshow Promotions to provide a fleet of single and double-decker buses for site welfare on one of their major earthwork projects. The static class buses will serve as multipurpose facilities, accommodating offices, canteens, rest areas, and changing rooms.

The decision to bring in the buses aims to improve working conditions, allowing colleagues to enjoy meals, take breaks, and rest in a comfortable and convenient environment. Recognising the importance of providing adequate facilities for their workforce, Blackwell Earthmoving made a significant investment in this initiative.

Blackwell’s Construction Manager Nick Drage expressed his satisfaction with Roadshow Promotions, particularly highlighting the exceptional assistance provided by Stuart Greenley who has over 30 years of experience in running promotional bus tours. “Stuart’s efficiency and responsiveness ensured a smooth collaboration, with the first bus delivered to the site within a remarkable five working days from the initial contact.”

Roadshow Promotions, creative use of single decker and double decker promotional buses for site welfare.

In response to the challenging weather conditions, we’re working closely with Blackwell Earthmoving to create a bespoke drying unit in a standalone static vehicle. This innovative solution will prove invaluable for what was one of the wettest Julys on record.

The buses are providing an effective use of resources, as work progresses along the site, the buses move too; providing a dynamic and ecofriendly solution.

The arrival of the buses on-site has generated enthusiasm among the Blackwell Earthmoving team. The enhanced welfare facilities not only promote a more comfortable work environment but also foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among colleagues.

Natasha Greenley, Director of Roadshow Promotions, commended the initiative, saying “With this forward-thinking approach to employee welfare, Blackwell Earthmoving continues to set a positive example for the construction industry. By prioritising the needs and well-being of their workforce, they aim to increase productivity and job satisfaction, ultimately leading to successful project outcomes. We’re delighted to support them and look forward to working together to ensure the comfort and welfare of the site’s employees across their sites.”

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