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Aston Pride Double Decker Bus Conversion

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Aston Pride Double Decker Bus Conversion

Aston Prides Innovative Employment Support Centre Converted Bus Is The Perfect Space For Outreach Projects And Events At The Heart Of The Community. It Is Modern And Very Well Equipped, With Kitchen, IT Work Pods, Servers A Private Consultation Room…

Aston Pride Double Decker Bus Conversion

The Brief

Aston Prides innovative employment support center bus is the perfect space for outreach projects and events at the heart of the community. It is modern and very well equipped, with Kitchen, IT Work Pods, Servers a private consultation room and toilet.

The Aston Pride vehicle aims to engage with young people with little hope of employment and who may be drawn into gang culture and crime.

The Response

We were asked to develop a double decker converted bus for The Aston Pride Delivery Partnership, which, among other things, was modern, available for self drive, quiet, configured for multiple uses.

Other concerns were that it was a safe environment for both staff and visitors and access difficult locations.

The Result

We decided upon a new Alexander Dennis ALX400 double deck Bus. The bus was fully refurbished and specifically designed for the purpose of delivering employment support activities.

It has a diesel powered generator with a mains land line facility (connection included). All windows are covered in solar film to reduce glare and obscure glass for privacy

The bus comes with all the features the client was looking for including computers, game consols, kitchen and meeting spaces.

Aston Pride Double Decker Bus Conversion

Aston Pride Bus Conversion

Double Decker Bus Converted on behalf of Aston Pride Community Health Centre

Key Dates

Booked Date: January 15, 2010
Start Date: April 13, 2010
End Date: August 20, 2010


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