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3 Double Decker Bus Conversions Commissioned

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A New Class of Promotional Bus

During the 2 years of Covid lockdowns we had time to review the vehicles in the fleet and look at what we could do to enhance them and/or the fleet and at the same time support our sister company, Roadshow Conversions.

After some discussion between management of both companies it was decided that we would undertake a refresh of several of the existing fleet but at the same time, undertake a project that had been on the back burner for some years, that being the development of a modular interior bus.

As the new development would have a modular interior, with parts that could be installed within other, similar built buses it was decided that to get the most out of the concept we would build 3.

ALX 400 Service Bus

These new buses would form the basis of what we now call our Corporate Class Buses we tasked our supplier to locate 3 identical buses

These first of class are all identical ALX 400 Double Decker buses manufactured between 2002 – 2004 with reasonable mileage and sound mechanical parts.

The first 2 of the buses arrived in our Blackpool Depot in February 2022, the 3rd is due at the beginning of March, at which time we will began the process of developing plans for their modular interiors.

Once completed these buses will be known as RSP19 RSP20 & RSP21

Natasha Greenley MD of Roadshow Promotions and Director of Roadshow Conversions commented “These new corporate class buses constitute a major cash investment by Roadshow Promotions and a major time investment by Roadshow Conversions who will have to spend time researching and developing the interiors.

However, our market research and experience, gained in providing promotional buses over the past 20yrs, suggests that they will be successful additions to the fleet…. But time will tell so watch this space” 

Our Cost Calculators

Promotional Bus Tour Cost Calculator

If you are planning a roadshow campaign for your business, you might be wondering how much it will cost to hire a vehicle, staff, and extras for your tour. Fortunately, here is a tool that can help you estimate the cost of your roadshow in minutes

Vehicle Conversion Cost Calculator

If you want to convert a vehicle for your promotional or marketing needs, you need to know the budget required. We have created a vehicle conversion cost estimator that you can use to get an idea of the cost

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