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Whether it’s a Promotional Product Showcase bus, Exhibition Bus, Awareness Campaign bus, Health Campaign Bus or Public Consultation bus, then you have arrived at the correct place. Roadshow Promotions offer a wide range of pre-built vehicle hire solutions for promotional marketing roadshows in the form of our promotional bus hire fleet.

Our fleet of promotional vehicles are ready for exhibition bus hire, training bus hire, health bus hire, meeting and hospitality bus hire as well as standard promotional bus hire.

The majority of our promotional vehicle hire fleet of promotional buses are already converted or pre-built to match a large number of exhibition, meeting, promotion or health marketing event types, some vehicles cater for two or even three different marketing types, with areas for group and/or IT training, product or exhibit display areas or even private rooms for a meeting, our mobile clinics or meeting/consultation vehicles are ideal for healthcare related tours or meetings.

If we don’t have the exact promotion vehicle interior you require we are more than happy to undertake minor or even major alterations to many of the vehicles to provide you with the bespoke interior you want or need.

Our team have many years experience organising, converting and branding vehicles for all manor of marketing roadshow events be they promotional, health, meeting, training or exhibition type events and frequently provide assistance when it comes to logistic support or advice on tours ranging from 1 days hire in Manchester to a 12 month tour of East and West Europe

Roadshow Promotions Vehicle Hire

Roadshow Bus Leasing
Contract Bus Lease Hire
Double Decker Hospitality Meeting Bus
Meeting & Hospitality Bus Hire
Double Decker Exhibition Bus
Exhibition Bus Hire
Single Decker Health Bus Mobile Clinic
Mobile Clinic Health Bus Hire
Training Bus Educational Bus
Training Bus Hire
Promotional Bus
Promotional Bus Hire

Vehicle Hire Services

Roadshow Promotions operate a diverse fleet of double and single decker buses, these vehicles fall under one or more of the event types listed.

For more information on our event type promotional bus hire services, click the image of the service you want to learn more of or visit the vehicle hire page for a synopsis

Roadshow Promotions Fleet


Our fleet of promotional buses, most with interior layouts suitable to undertake a wide variety of event types, whether they are educational, health related, for promotion or exhibition use or a combination of 2 or more event types.

The fleet consists of both double decker and single decker buses ranging from 9.6m – 11.5m in length and 2.5m in width

To learn more visit the fleet page or click the individual vehicle image to visit the vehicles page.

RSP01 Promotional Bus
RSP02 Education Training Bus
RSP03 Hospitality Meeting Bus
RSP04 Promotional Training Bus
RSP05 Mobile Clinic Health Bus
RSP06 Mobile Clinic Health Bus
RSP07 Mobile Classroom Bus
RSP08 Media Bus
RSP09 Promotional Exhibition Bus
Terrance Higgins Trust RSP10
RSP11 Health Bus
RSP15 Health Training Bus Exterior
RSP14 Promotional Training Bus
RSP15 Health Training Bus Exterior
RSP16 Medical Training Bus

Roadshow Promotions Services

Event Management
Event Project Management
Vehicle Management
Promotional Vehicle Management
Event Staff
Promotional Event Staff
Bus Coach Branding
Coach & Bus Branding
Coach Bus Conversion
Coach & Bus Conversion


In addition to our vehicle hire services and extensive range of promotional buses, Roadshow Promotions offer a range of interconnected services ranging from branding and coachbuilding to project management and staffing.

For a brief synopsis of each service visit our services page or click the image of the individual service you wish to learn more about

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